Friday, April 16, 2010


Need I say more? All the seasoned mamas reading this just let out a collective "uuuggghhhh" that I can feel radiate in my bones. I'm not 100% sure teeth are this necessary anyway...

I know I have little sympathy from some because Jake :::knocksonwoodrepeatedly::: sleeps through the night, and has for a very long time, and takes decent naps during the day. But, now, teething has turned him into Satan's child. So, as fellow human beings, feel for me:

Jake was never the baby that minded if I set him in his bouncy seat and left the room, or laid him on a blanket to roll around and did a few chores, etc. Now, he is. I mean, he does that whine. You mamas know that. whine. The one that gets annoying about a tenth of a second after it starts. He won't let me do anything without staring directly at him. Case in point: Yesterday, I was getting ready for lunch with a couple mamas, and their tots, and ---after events soo frustrating my head popped off--- had him in the bouncy seat, at the door of the bathroom so I could blow dry my hair. I have super long hair, so it's not a 3 minute blow job (hahahahaha....). If I stared at him while I did it, he was fine. But, if I looked toward the mirror he'd whine. Stop when I looked at him. Whine when I looked away. This was not a fun game. If "the whine" only occurred during certain things, I'd be fine with it. Well, I'd learn to deal. But, it's during e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. And, that is meant as literally as a word can be meant. Sooo mentally taxing.

The suckfest continues with the fact that I know his attitude change is more in part to him going through a change than actual pain from said change. I know that because Jake will fuss if you get out of his line of sight, and his big, fat smile returns once you do. I don't doubt there's some discomfort from this teething, but I think he just wants the comfort of my being there. It's sooo wearing me out. It's such a complete 180 from who he is. We definitely have good times during the day, he's just so much more easily irritated.

He doesn't sleep at night, his naps during the day are shotty....I am mentally, and physically, a zombie. I look so tired :( Then, I feel like a giant a-hole because when I'm feeling beyond frustrated, he gives me his mega-watt smile. I love love love love love that little boy to pieces, but I'm about a breath away from leaving him on the neighbor's front step, or any place with diapers, really.

Yesterday, after the really bad morning, he was such a great little boy at lunch. Played with his little buddy, had across-the-table convo's with a "pretty pun'kin" :), and it filled me with overwhelming mama pride and happiness because my smiley baby was back. It felt so good to know he's still in there. Sure, that sounds melodramatic, but I'm past the point of caring!

I love that little guy, and it's not constantly bad, but it's definitely not easy at the moment. So, today, I'm pulling out all the stops. I've put on a teething gel (that says it's for 'restlessness (and something else...?) associated with teething'--couldn't be more appropriate), I'll be freezing a hand towel, have the frozen teether in the freezer, am going to try crushed ice... anything else anyone can think of. And, I kind of feel like Julie on Julie & Julia. A ton of people tell me they read our blog, but aren't "followers". So, please do me a major solid and become a follower (it'll take like 3 minutes!), then leave a comment if you have a tip that will help our baby boy feel more comfortable, or suggest a good, stiff drink...

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The Chandlers said...

They DO get better! Swearsies. (The pretty pun'kin says they do too!)