Tuesday, April 13, 2010

That's how he rolls

Jake has gone from rolling over (the most astounding thing to happen to anyone....ever) for a purpose, to doing so for sport. At night, I lay him in his crib horizontally. When I picked him up this morning, he was vertical, at the far end of his crib, deciding if it'd be better to flip back over to his back or enjoy the view from a crawling stance. He chose secret option #3---have mama come in and decide for him!

The first time he completed the roll, as oppose to flipping onto his side and having his plans foiled by his arm, was an afternoon when Gary was at work. We were having some floor time, and I had my legs outstretched on either side of him, in a 'V'. He rolled to his side to "get" the sheep on my jammie pants (totally cute, huh?! the pants I mean ;) !) and just decided to keep going! When I saw it was a possibility that he'd roll over, I swear I stopped breathing so as to not upset the delicate balance of the universe that was making this possible. The look of pride on his face when he was done was priceless!! So proud of our boy!

I suppose the days of laying him in the center of our bed with Sophie while I brush my teeth, or finish getting ready for an outing, are over. Jake is officially mobile!

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