Friday, April 9, 2010

Who wants some cereallll??

Debra Wilson, you slay me.

Our precious baby boy, who lived in my belly, who wore newborn clothing, who couldn't hold up his head is now eating solids. I don't know whether I should be deliriously happy, or sob onto the keyboard.

We started with rice cereal the day Gary came home from the field, which worked out to be his birthday and 2 days before Jake turned 6 months. It was a big day! Since blogger is throwing a tissy and not allowing me to upload the video of J's first meal, this pic will have to be worth millionS of words :)
Our baby boy eating from a spoon! He loved it, too! He had to touch every.single.aspect. of the meal. From the spoon, to the bowl, to the cereal itself, to my fingers for holding the spoon, to my sweater sleeve which touched the hand that fed him....Gary and I were cracking up the whole time. He's very hands on!

We didn't have Jake's beautiful highchair yet, so the Bumbo worked just fine. But, we only used it once. I don't think we had a specific reason for doing so, but the next few times we fed him, before the highchair, we sat at the kitchen table, with Jake on Gary's knee. We loved loved loved watching Jake become more used to the spoon. He'd grab the pinky of my hand that held the spoon and help me to guide it in....tell me that doesn't melt your heart! Now, he sits with his hands on the tray of the highchair and opens his mouth very wide. So adorable I'd tear up if I wasn't so proud of him!

So far Jake has mastered rice cereal with pears (he wasn't a big fan of rice cereal on its own), organic oatmeal solo & with pears (Gerber), pears (homemade), applesauce (Gerber), bananas (mashed), avocado (mashed)--big fan!, peas (Gerber), and tonight he had homemade green beans for the first time. I'm glad that something I was excited to make him went over so well! I'm so thankful I was turned onto this baby food making thing. I love it!
I think this is applesauce. He could not get enough. Can you tell he's a touch excited??

Here he's having avocado for the first time--Gary said he loved it! I was out getting my 'do did, and Gary's buddy was over and took the pic. Seeing the two of them together makes my heart go pitter-pat :)

Compliments to the chef!

Everything he eats is organic and it's just amazing how much of a difference you can tell in the taste! "They" say it takes like 10-15 encounters with a food to develop a true like/dislike, but I'm pretty sure this face says 'like'!

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