Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

When I was younger, I had zero grasp on the significance of this day; all I knew was I got a day off school (hey, we don't all "get it" when we're kids!). But, now I truly get it.

I understand what this day is for, & the incredible members of the military it honors. Those men & women who gave all they could for those of us back home ....they deserve more than one day. They deserve them all.


A few years back, I worked in this hole-in-the-wall hardware store, that was helping put me through school. Gabby, who is married to a soldier who served honorably in the Army & is the daughter of a man who's been in every war since the dawn of time..., and I would thank the older men, the veterans, who came in before the sun came up on Saturday mornings, for their service & sacrifice for our country. More often than not, we'd see tears well up in their eyes. We got the impression it was because that wasn't something they were used to hearing.

So, I hope those men & women that made the ultimate sacrifice, & their families, "The Silent Ranks", do know that there are people aware of just how indebted we are to them.

And I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me.
~Lee Greenwood

Impending Doom

Yep, that's the perfect title to this post.

Next week (did you read that with the appropriate anguish in your "voice" & sad, violin-playing soundtrack in the background?) Gary is leaving. Next week.

It's kind of a surreal feeling right now. Like, I know the severity of the situation, and know the types of feelings I'll have the time of my life going through (SARCASM ALERT), but when all that actually hits, it's like you've never felt those things before in your life.

It's just a kick in the pants.

But, I am super grateful for this weekend! We've had an incredible, LONG weekend (Gary was off almost 5 straight days!!...went in for a few hours on Friday, & doesn't go back 'til Wednesday!), of which I have every intention of sharing an atrocious amount of detail, but, for now, it's me & the hubs on the couch, whisper-laughing like the bus driver just yelled at us to keep it down, plotting (nope, not planning. We like a good "attack" on the day) tomorrow's family activities...

But, for right now, we have this moment. This moment is bliss.

I love you, my soldier

Friday, May 28, 2010

Photo Friday

I'm just making up names for days of the week so I can show off some pics that I think are the bee's knees!

I still think this one is way too adorable for words!! They were playing & then quiet for a while, then, I walked in on them & found this!

Too cool for school!!

Daddy came home from PT, was watching Looney Tunes with Jake, next thing we know...he's passed out!

Sitting in his Toy Story chair!

That is all.

He's a grown-ass man!

Jake has taken on the tear-inducing act of crawling!! Well, he's trying. It's way too adorable for me to describe over a keyboard...I can barely stand it!! He knows how to push his upper body up with his arms, & knows to get the tush in the air, by going up on his knees, but has yet to work both the arms & tush-elevation at the same time!

When he first did it, Gary was out picking up dinner & Jake and I were laying on the floor of his room. Next thing I know, he's got his hiney in the air & is shimmy-ing his shoulders along the ground to move!!! :::diesofcuteness::: I, sat there in mama-pride-shock, then got myself together enough to sprint out to get the phone & tell Gary to rocket himself back home! I felt tears immediately well up, but I was soo excited nothing would come out!
What cracks me up every time is that he lets out little grunts, works hard for a minute or two, & then, literally, lays down in exhaustion. Here, I have proof:

Seeing a toy he'd like to get a better handle on...

Loving life...


Weekend Update: Jake's Room

Hopefully, there's an SNL fan or two in the bunch...

I felt like showing some pics of Jake's room, since it's been ,a little bit, updated. Again, please share in a collective sigh in how painfully white the walls are, but that's what happens when you're a military family! You can read about my white wall ordeal, or just dive right in to see the few things we've added to his room!
I had been looking for a rug for Jake's room online & couldn't find anything that didn't cost an appendage or two. As luck would have it, Gary, Jake, & I were strolling the PX & came across this 6 x 9 rug for $35!!! Awesomesauce. Seriously.

That little trunk under his window was a surprise-find, too! Did an evening run to Target, saw this & fell in love! Plus, I imagine it'll be something to help Jake stand in the not-too-distant future...gotta love that!
Oh, & I must address the breathable bumpers: Can't remember if I had them in the linked post about his room, but I gave in & got 'em. NOT because I think there's any real danger of injury, but just so it wouldn't scare him in the middle of the night should he poke a hand or foot between the slats. We all need our sleep. But, I'm still trying to figure out the point of them. Whenever I pick him up from a nap, or get him in the morning, he just pulls 'em down anyway!

This part of the room is basically the same as last time; I just had to show that monkey decal again...I LOVE it! That little Toy Story chair is new, though, & something he loves! But, something I sorta-hate. He looks SO grown up when he sits in it, but, then, he redeems himself by chewing on the arm of the chair. Makes a mama feel better!

Along with the Toy Story chair, this pennant is courtesy of Jake's Grammy & Grandpa. We have to support the local baseball team!

& last, but definitely not least, the Army Brat frame. It's so sweet. If you click on it, it should enlarge & you can actually read it. I think it'll touch any military parent!

I know I'll keep adding to his room, slowly but surely, but just thought I'd share with y'all. &, can I just tell you how incredibly PUMPED I am that in just a few short weeks we'll be getting the pictures back from Jake's awesome photo shoot?? Better believe those will be in his room, too!

Have a great day, friends!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pay It Forward

This past weekend was pretty rough. You can see from a couple posts back that the super-soon deployment hit us hard, & we were a little sad about it (or a lot. whichevs.) So, when the shower stopped working on Sunday, right before we had planned on going out, I wondered at exactly what time my aneurysm would strike.

Found out the shower couldn't be fixed until Monday, so I had all kinds of sexiness going on, & decided to check out the lives of people, whose heads had not imploded, on Facebook.

I had gotten an email on FB from someone I didn't know. She tells me she's loves our blog, that she's an avid reader of it, & proceeds to tell me some incredibly sweet things about the person she sees me as, given my writing style. It touched me in a way I can't describe. It's not too often, these days, that someone goes out of their way to tell a *stranger* such wonderful things. I read the email to Gary & we both let out that we-needed-that exhalation. We really did.

So, to sum up all Sesame-Street-like, you never really know what a profound affect words can have on someone. So (I'll leave you nameless since I'm not sure how you'd feel about that yet), my new friend in Seattle, thank you for such sweet words. They couldn't have come at a better time :)


I'm going to dive right in & say that if you live in the Clarksville/Ft. Campbell, or any surrounding state, & want pictures taken: GO TO COZETTE WINTERS. She's fabulous & amazing, and, to top it off, she has total southern belle charm. I love her.

I don't remember how I found her, but the first time I used her was for fun pictures for Gary, during deployment #2 (I'm TOTALLY not shy like that). When I called her to make Jake's 6 month picture appointment, it was the first time I was using her ( & DEFINITELY not my last!!) for baby pictures & the first thing she says, after hearing I now have a wee tot is "Sooo, whatcha been doinnn'?!" Love it! haha

Anywho, so we did the shoot at her house, which is INCREDIBLE for outdoor shots. When we got there, Jake was just waking up & she walked right up, said hi, & started talking to Jake. He LOVED (lots of words will be in caps in this her from the get-go. He IMMEDIATELY started talking her ear off & smiling for her!! See, the thing with Jake is, if he doesn't get a good vibe from you, he'll shut down, & he's an INCREDIBLY social baby. He'll lay his head down on the chest of whomever's holding him & try his best to limit interaction with you. Let's just say, Jake does not have bad taste.

After their conversation, we jumped right into things! It was FINALLLLY gorgeous weather (we have been trying for about a month & a half to get these pics done! The weather has been God-awful, but Cozette rolled with it; each time we had to reschedule she could not have been more accommodating. You know how when some people say "it's fine", but everything else about the way they react screams "YOU'VE RUINED MY LIFE!!!" Well, this ain't her. She's seriously amazing)

We got about 1.3 billion pictures, in an hour. Got there at 1, I was in her house, feeding Jake, a few minutes after 2! Girl knows how to work! We got so many great shots, too. Oh yah, I had made the mistake of wearing a new necklace, I picked up for these pictures, & Jake was INFATUATED with it. So, Cozette had to call his name, make some noises, ya know, usual baby-photographing-tactics, but it never bothered her one bit! She got a kick out of the whole thing! Even if Jake needed repositioning, she'd scoop him right up, as if he were her own, & get him where she needed him. One of the times she repositioned him, Jake's eye caught something, something fabulous I'm sure, & he wobbled so much where he couldn't catch his balance & fell back & hit his head :( Not hard, it scared him more than anything, & we were on grass, but he did cry. Cozette snatched him up & cradled him, & used thee typical soothing tones/words. She was giving him love to make him feel better. I just love her.

At Jake's first pics, I wore what I thought was, a cute, empire-waisted dress. Turns out, the wind caught it, & blew it up like an umbrella, so it made me look huge! This time, I made sure that was not going to happen! Even though I picked out a cute ensemble, Cozette would still take the time to make my hair just right, or have my face catch the light just right. You get the feel that these pictures are just as important to her as they are to you!

She showed me some of the pics, & they are just perfect. They're exactly what I wanted. Could not be happier!! I'll post them as soon as I get 'em back!

Seriously.....hire her. &, if you have nothing requiring pictures at the moment, FIND SOMETHING

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My first official breakdown

I've mentioned a few times how deployment was creeping up on us & how it was makin' us a whore in church. For real. Kind of like that "Oh shit, son....what did we want to do again?" "You needed what for your hygiene kit?" "Which boots did you want to pack" "What did we want to remember to do with Jake before D-day?"


I mean, we have it down. We know we wanted to hit our hot spots: zoo, baseball game, some type of watering hole (big pool, or teeny kids pool in the backyard) so we can use J's new board shorts (!!!) or wet suit (!!!!!), picnic in the park (there are some etc's, I'm sure...)

So, because we're practically seasoned pros at WAR (umm...should anyone be able to say that?!?), we know that out of all the things we want to do, & those things that will find their way onto our list, we know to do the items that require travel first. You DO NOT want to be traveling right before deployment, if you don't have to. That sucks up your time together at exponential speeds. #2--You plan, and plan and plan & then you plan some more. For instance, I know we might need food in the next millennia, so I'll make sure to make a short stop at the commissary while Gary's at work, or get a run to Target done in the morning, so I'm home for Gary's lunch. You have to run like a well-oiled machine to avoid missing ingredients to dinner (I LOVE cooking for him, but have a biological need to do it at this point), schedule mishaps, & time lost trying to recover from said mishap. Seriously, everything sucks up your time.

Last night, after Jake was in bed, Gary & I took our spots next to one another on the couch to watch a movie. Gary got up to get something & by the time he was back I was soaked in tears. He rushed over to me & bear-hugged me, so I cried more (you know how that goes...). I couldn't get anything out but inaudible huffs and puffs, & he just kept saying "I know.. I know..." (FRICK, I'm going to cry now just thinking about it!).

It never gets easier.

Gary's said a couple times that he doesn't even want to think about having to walk away from us on D-day. H-E double hockey sticks, I don't want to walk away from him! Can there not be some gravitational force that geographically separates the military couples that must part ways? Oh shit...AND, I have to keep myself together enough to not completely lose my shit while caring for our baby boy. Hefty order, friends, hefty order.

SIDEBAR: When I dropped him off at the airport after leave in '08. I sat in the car & talked to my mom for, like, an hour and a half (crying of course). I sat in front of our house, when it was hotter than Hades because I could not bring myself to walk into that empty house. Now, I have Jake, I get it, but, that's hard, too, because it makes me want to throw up thinking that Gary isn't going to be able to see everything Jake does; won't be able to share in that immediate joy with me. END SIDEBAR

The first few weeks are the hardest. Once you get into a routine, things become manageable, but getting through the first few weeks is like kicking an addiction, cold turkey. Ya see, we, kind of, have a thing for each other ;) We laugh constantly. We do completely dumb dances to make Jake laugh. We reach for each other's hands in the middle of the night. We dish about our days as I make dinner.

There will be many tears in our future. I mean, we hate when he has to work late, so this is borderline excruciating. But, we do have a game plan. Jake & I are going to be doing an inordinate amount of activities during the week, & coming up with a routine that keeps us going all.the.time. Gary's going to be focusing on work, & keeping his eyes & ears out for ANY means of communication.

(((GOOD NEWS!!!! Instead of the strong, to quite strong, possibility that he won't have access to phones or internet in this God forsaken part of Afghanistan, we're being told that there should be (any more perfect words in the Army language?!) phones and/or internet capabilities after 2-3 months!!!!!!!!!))))

But, thankfully we still have a few weeks :) Gary's excited to go & pick out the prints he wants for the blanket I'm going to make for him to take over there, & we should be able to get the prints back from the photographer of Jake's pics (assuming we ARE able to take them tomorrow...this weather is really cramping my outdoor-picture-style!). So, as effing painful as it's going to be, I'm doing everything in my power to send him off right. He's such an amazing man, such an incredible hubby, I just hope he knows exactly how much he means to us.

Once this crap actually gets going, here's my list to beat-the-deployment blues:

1) LOTS of walks
2) VISITS!! being excited about Uncle Kevin, & his gf's, Casey, visit next month...Uncles Patrick & Colin later this summer (hopefully!)
3) Mine & Jake's trip to Cali in August
4) Planning the HELL out of Jake's first birthday bash!! (which is quickly turning into a Super Sweet One Year Old!~~my parents want to have it at the beach!!!!!)
5) TONS of dates with the bunch of new mama friends I've made around town & on post
6) Washing cloth diapers (hey! I get to use my way-too-cute clothesline!! :) )

These are some of the things that should be a great help to us. We can do it!! Well, frick, what choice do we have!?

This is soo incredibly painful, but there's not a damn thing I wouldn't do for this man. He's the best friend I could ever ask for. He's the love of my life. He's my soul mate. He's the cheese to my macaroni.

Babe, I love you more than you'll ever know

Friday, May 21, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you that entered the giveaway! Those were some great stories! &, if I wasn't so in love with a good romp story, I'd have blushed a time or two!!

A big CONGRATULATIONS is in order to:

J at Boobies, Babies, & A Blog !!!!

She won the $50 gift card to Victoria Secret because, ya know, she's a bombshell!

Oh yah, go check out her blog, I love it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If I only knew

The first couple weeks to a month following Jake's arrival was a whirlwind. It wasn't super difficult, but, obviously, different than anything I'd ever experienced (Hey... I did say "obviously", people! :) ) Things flew through my new-mama-mind because my lazy,I-graduated-college-already, nap-loving self had the equivalent of the atomic bomb dropped onto my lap (or should I say boob?) in the form of the cutest 7 lbs 8.4 oz this world has ever known.

Today, I was thinking about some of those things that ran through my mind & thought I'd share:
*I was positive (bold, italicized, & I wish I could put it in lights) I'd never shower again. The first two weeks after Jake was born, Gary had leave, so we worked out a rather nice system. But, once he went back to work I thought "Oh, Lord. FML....I'm going to be the smelly mom in Walmart"

*I was positive I was doomed to never fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans ever. again. After about a week of being home (& after taking a few days to be able to walk the way God intended...thanks, unplanned c/s!), & the belly still looked around 5 months pregnant, I'd lost all hope. Yep, it took me 5 months to show I was pregnant, so you can imagine the unhappiness when there was no baby in there! Of course, I can probably chalk up those melodramatics to being ever so sleepy.

*This is an addition to the first bullet: But, I thought I'd never be able to get ready to go anywhere by myself. I had moved on from worrying about showering for showering's sake, but wondered how in the world a mom EVER goes about becoming presentable was beyond my scope of understanding. Ya see, I LIKE getting ready & I LIKE picking out clothes from my closet. How was I to ever do anything now that we had a baby?!?!

*Going out with a baby?! Assuming I'd gone into the Bermuda Triangle to find the art of showering AND getting ready while having an infant, how the h-e double hockey sticks was I to carry said baby into any establishment that wasn't progressive enough to have some form of baby-valet?? I was sure I'd missed some sort of class, or missed the lecture from the childbirth class when Gary & I played hooky, which instructed you on proper I-have-a-baby-in-public decorum.

*I would swear up and down that I'd never know what it was like to sleep in our bed again. Jake only liked the pack 'n play at first (there's more to that story, but nothing I feel like going into), which was downstairs & with him getting up every few hours, we needed a TV to help keep us awake (we DO NOT believe a TV belongs in the bedroom), hence the downstairs. We rode the couch for a good two weeks. Luckily, our couches are comfy &, even though Gary & I have the most amazing bed EVAH, we're not picky.

*How is a mom to go about doing laundry, making dinner, general chores....Wait, let's start smaller: how is a mom to go about brushing teeth, eating herself, seeing three dimensional people other than her husband & her son??

I think back on all the things that only sheer confusion can thrust upon a new mama, & think ahh, how adorable was I?? (hopefully, you all know that was sarcasm!) I mean, I remember babies from when my brothers were little, but it's a whole different ballgame when everything is up to YOU! Seriously, it was not as bad as it felt. It was just this overwhelming urge to make sure this little love bundle you brought into the world had everything they'd ever need & want. I wanted to do everything so perfectly by him. But, I think that's your initiation into motherhood. Wondering if you'll ever make sense of things again combined with utter, dire love and devotion. That's an effing intense cocktail right there.

Thankfully, everything in my 'list from hell' has long since been rectified, & sanity has resumed for just as long. But, I'm pretty sure I'm not solo in everything I thought! I know me & the hubs would wonder if it was EVER going to get manageable, but it, along with my 'list from hell' & sanity, has all been taken care of for quite some time. Thank the Lord!!

Today, I looked at my husband & our little man at Chuck E Cheese & could not ever imagine anything different.

A teeny revision

So, it came to my attention that some people feel uncomfortable leaving comments for the giveaway because other 'followers' know them, & it could get awkward.

I should have mentioned I won't publish the comments if that's what you'd like. No worries! Your escapades will stay between me & you!!

Va va va voooom

Ok, kids, today is the day of our first giveaway!!
Because I love y'all so much, I'd like to offer you the chance to win a $50 gift card to Victoria's Secret!! I considered keeping it myself, but, what can I say? I'm a giver! :)

I don't think you can get anything as awesome as Heidi's wings up there, but you can still get something totally hot, that I'm sure the man in your life will appreciate, or, man, you could win for your lady!

But, I can't just give it away. You had to work just a bit for it!

*Publicly follow my blog (you can do so by clicking 'follow' button a little ways down on the right side of the page)----this helps me because I get to know my readers, which I LOVE. I love connecting with all you lovelies, swearsies

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*Lastly, & MOST IMPORTANTLY, leave a comment telling me A) how badly you want this totally to die for card and B) the most wild place you've engaged in thee act & why it was wild for you. Remember how they had the power outage on Friends, in, like, season 2? Rachel said her wildest place was the foot of the bed. If that's wild to you, that's fine, but tell me why??

Last time to enter is Thursday night, we'll be picking the winner Friday morning!

Good luck, Bombshell!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Come on Down!!

But, never fear, you don't have to worry about making the decision between bidding on the first showcase or passing, since I'm only offering one goody....

But, come back tomorrow for the grand unveiling & to find out how to enter!

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

Jake has been in cloth diapers since this past Friday, and we've sort of had a love/hate relationship with them. You're supposed to "prep" them so they don't repel liquids, which I did, but he leaked through sooo many at first, and he's not even that big of a pisser! It was a pain in the hiney. Turns out, they just needed to be prepped one more time (and, btw, "prepped"=washing in certain cycles to ready the diaper for use), because we've been loving them ever since!
I was thinking the washing aspect of the diapers would be a pain, too, but it's so not! You throw them in the washer at night, dry them in the morning (I use my totally adorable clothesline!), and you're good to go.

Anywho, cloth diapers are a little thicker, so his shorts that are still too big, fit just fine! Here's a few pics of him modeling his fluffy tush!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Silent Sunday

A lot of blogs out there do things like Wordless Wednesday. It's where they just post pics instead of writing anything. Well, my madre posted her pics on FB of their time out here with us, so it's my excuse to share them, only I don't plan on being silent. So, really, all I'm doing is destroying the sanctity of this wordless wednesday concept.

Either way, I think there's some good ones! Enjoy!
First things first, when you're an infant, of Irish descent, & at a baseball game at noon, you MUST have a sunblock bath! Our little guy is such a trooper!

My handsome hubby!!
Our first trip to White Castle was a success! My parents wanted to try it, & after 4 years of living here, & 20 min from WC, we finally tried it!

Big Boy!! Also, loving White Castle :)

My parents view, on our way to Longhorn Steakhouse. Not too shabby!!!
Love this little guy!

Me & my little guy! He saw Daddy eating something he had to have!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Parents

I believe they deserve a post all about them. And, it's far enough away from the sex post, so that they're not touching one another. Because, ya know, that'd be gross.

My parents left today after being here a week. It was a ton of fun! We went out to eat, on mini-walks, to a baseball game, SHOPPING (& then some more shopping...) was a great time! And, I think their cherry on top was that Jake remembered who they were right off the bat! He hadn't seen my dad since he was 2 weeks old (but they talk on the phone) & hadn't seen my mom since he was 3 months, at Christmas. It was great to watch them together!

But, what really touches me is their serious generosity. My dad swears he has unlimited funds when it comes to us! My mom OKs the purchase of just about everything, up to & sometimes including the kitchen sink...

Can I just put on paper how much they take care of us?

They got us God's gift to strollers (aka the Baby Trend jogging stroller), paid for every.single.meal., got the 3-in-1 Graco carseat, practically a new wardrobe for J Bone, a stack of books from Borders, an Old Navy shopping spree for me & Jake (Gary didn't want anything...He cratzy;) ), Gary's uber-expensive, but super comfy!, boots for Afghanistan, computer games & hard drives for Gary to have during deployment....the list continues. But, they also covered things like runs to the shoppette & filling up our gas all week. They're amazing! It's so sweet the way they make sure we're taken care of. I can't believe how blessed we are.

But, it's not just the things they buy. It's my mom taking care of baths on bath nights. It's my dad & Gary bs'ing, & laughing so hard it's silent. It's my mom talking with me about cooking. It's silence when Gary & my dad do "man things" like watch Boondock Saints & pick a beer at Old Chicago. It's my dad & Jake having their own language. It's my mom laughing & saying how I made many little boys' day when my skirt flew up at the Sounds game (true story!!). It's my mom crying when Gary dropped them off saying "you be careful over there. Take care of yourself. I love you"

For all of it & more, thank you mom & dad for taking such great care of us. We love you!

Because I'm so in love with y'all

I'm working on a giveaway! Straight from my heart to yours...

To be honest, I always thought giveaways were slightly lamesauce. But, in talking to my madre, who loves entering blog giveaways for stuff around the house, I decided I'd get one goin'. It's not really to draw peeps to our blog, but to thank y'all for stopping by, leaving comments, & letting me get to know you. I really love getting to know your stories, & sharing ours with you!

So, off to work hard for you lovelies!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jake's First Baseball Game!!

Well, we FINALLY made it to a Sounds game! The weather kept us from getting over to Nashville for the date we had originally bought the tickets, but we did it today! Suck it, Mother Nature.

Can I just tell you the rather massive ordeal it was to get to the game?First, mapquest totally took us in the wrong direction, or we missed an exit. Whichevs. But, we'd never been to the stadium, so we didn't really know any landmarks (other than stadium lights!) to look for. Gary & his internal GPS got us there, though!

So, we find our exit. There's probably, literally, 5-6 miles of traffic getting into the stadium. Turns out, it was some kid day, or something, at the ballpark & there were 9,500 students there. Did you catch that? NINE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED students. Navigating a bunch of hormonal, pre-teens with a baby strapped to my chest ( in my mei tai carrier!!!) was a feat. And, oh yah, the stadium holds 10,700. Whiskey....Tango....Foxtrot.....

((It wasn't so bad, though. I definitely don't envy the point they're at in their lives. But, what's funny is that you can almost see the blinders they have on! They were seeing what immediately pertained to them. Nothing wrong with that--at that age--- but, it was kind of a *cute* innocence, ya know? Luckily, Gary & I can look at a situation & laugh our hineys off!))

So, we park in, like, Illinois & walk, get to our seats, & Jake's sunblock bath begins. I know my madre is reading this thinking "VITAMIN D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", which is fab & all, but I LOVE Jake's skin & want to keep it nice! If they had SPF 217, I'd buy it. Instead, we lathered him up in SPF 55 & those little hats I can hardly stand. But, they do the job & I'm hardpressed to not like something that Jake makes look so damn cute

Naturally, Jake needs to be fed as soon as we get there, so he hides out under my Hooter Hider (It was free, people, otherwise I would have been all 007 with receiving blankets so as to not make the day for many young boys...) After that, it was smooth sailing, ya know, until the near death experience.

Our seats were right behind 3rd base dugout. Perfection. But, the pitfall was that, I swear, every batter was a lefty. & where do lefties hit foul balls??

Jake was sitting with grandpa, next to me, at the time of the incident. A foul ball does a quick trip around the sun & comes screeching back toward Earth. My dad clutches Jake to his chest & leans over him. I throw my body over my dad, & wait for the impact of the baseball, surely traveling at a mph in the triple digits by now. It lands, with the loudest pop ever, on the stair next to us. I could practically feel the wind the ball created. Once the adrenaline of protecting my child left, I felt lightheaded. I've been around baseball all. my. life. I've seen people beaned more times than I can count. Needless to say, that doesn't need to happen to my infant! Once we all did a quick count of our extremities, I couldn't help but to laugh. The only thing that scared Jake was how my dad reacted. I, on the other hand, had momentary heart palpitations.

All in all, it was a really great time! Jake was able to get a game ball, & a bat & pennant from the grandparents. Near death experiences (you all know I'm having some sarcasm, right ;) ?!), God-awful traffic & effed up directions all make for a memorable day!

Daddy & Jake loving his first game!

So, ended up losing these sunglasses during a diaper change at the field...luckily they're those uber cheap ones from those kiosks in the mall! haha!

So proud to be his mama!

Jake & his grandpa. Yep, they have a thing for each other

Jake's first baseball. It'll be one of MANY

Me & my lovah
Dad got me the powder blue Sounds hat. Gotta support the home team!

Jake & his Grammy. Better go check on him...she may try to stuff him in her luggage tomorrow!

My hunk 0' man & our little guy :::kiss kiss:::

My family!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let's talk about sex, ba-by

Madre, you may want to divert your eyes. I don't's up to you

First, I'll start G-rated:
I don't remember how we got on this topic, but, on the way back from grocery shopping, I was telling my mom how Gary & I have to remember to reel it in when it comes to that time in Jake's life, & the lives of our future babies; that time where their bodies are changing, doing things involuntarily, & bringing more attention to themselves.

Gary & I are very open people. Talking about things like sex doesn't bother us. We're adventurous, in more ways than one :::winkingface:::

I really owe this to my friend, my child's Godmother, Gabby. She got me taking some pretty smokin' hot pics for Gary when he was deployed the first time. It was then that I began a love affair for nudity. I had never done anything like that before. My makeup was totally perfect, hair was done just right & she was completely honest with me. Ya know how some women will be crappy to you out of some form, or another, of jealousy when you got it goin' on? Well...that ain't how she rolls. She wasn't afraid to be super complimentary (which boosted the crap out of my self esteem!) & tell me what positions to get into. I loved it. I loved having that personal little photo shoot. And, let me tell you, Gary was NOT disappointed in the surprise he received!!

So, following my photo shoots, I'd slowly spend more time at Victoria's Secret & Fredericks. Then, more time with Gabby. I got pretty much more comfy in my birthday suit than actual clothing. True Story. She was my "porn" version of Annie Leibovitz. Wait, just realized not everyone who reads our blog knows Gabby. Well, she's this totally fab wife, & mother of 2, that I met while working at a hardware store YEARS ago. Since then, she's become my sister, mother in law, incredibly close friend, my bodyguard (from the lamesauces' pun intended), all wrapped into one. She 'da woman, yo!

Well, when Gary came home on leave, & then later home for good, we CAPITALIZED on my newfound love of the nasty. I'd, obviously, always loved it before, but, now, I think I was more mentally *free*, & it was liberating as hell.

We've christened public places (seriously, seriously proud of those places). We've tried new things with an, almost, abnormal excitement. We've been anything but routine. And, we've loved every second.

Up until we met our sweet little Jake, I was inundated with horror stories from women who said their sex lives went in the crapper after having a baby. I don't know if it was all mental, as in feeling like a battlefield, or if there was some sort of physical issue (other than that horrid 6 week wait), but the stories were not pretty. I made it a point to not let mamahood do that to our fab, horizontal (sometimes!) escapades. I had nice, new boobies & no big, round belly to limit our range of positions. IT. WAS. ON.

Routine may be the best thing evah for Jake, but not so much for the deed. Do it at odd hours. Do it in public. Sext one another. HAVE FUN.

I made a new friend, on Twitter, the other day that reminded me how great it is to talk about stuff like this. I love having someone that's not shy AT. ALL.

Be able to look back at your sexual scoreboard & say "Yah, I've done that"

Christmas in May

My parents reallllly like to take care of us (YAY!). Every time they come out, they take us grocery shopping (my dad cleans the shelves of the commissary by putting everything in our cart!), out to eat, shopping for Jake, they'll fill up our tank....They want to help out as much as possible, and we're soo grateful! We should have had a baby years ago!

I'd like to share our bounty:First things first, they wanted to make sure Jake has what he needs. So, after a very tasty lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse, we headed to Babies R Us. I thought we'd just go over there & pick up a onesie or two, but my parents had different plans...

My dad was like a kid in a candy store! He gets a cart and, the next thing you know, he's Dale Earnhardt Jr. He's racing around, cutting off carts in his way, and totally hopped up on adrenaline. He's pointing at tons of different stuff he's seeing; little kiddie pools, teeny Toy Story foldout chairs, board shorts, a wetsuit....(which we picked up everything but the pool, since we didn't have anything to secure it to the Journey)

We head to the back of the store & my dad remembers me referring to our current stroller as the bane of my existence (No, that's not dramatic...). But, it had started making a comeback, so I didn't want them to spend money unnecessarily (of course, my mom's involved in all this & loving it, but, ya see, my dad's not the accountant, so cleaning out BRU's stock is a lot more fun for him!). I had been perusing Boppy covers when Gary comes up to me with a Baby Trend jogging stroller (I don't know how anyone gave it a less than awesome review!). Gary said "Whadduya think?" I said "but ol' Bessy is making a comeback..." I don't want to ruin anyone's fun. THEN, I pushed it. This is what we'd refer to as the turning point. I pushed that gloriously smooth, lightweight, compact when folded stroller and it was L-O-V-E at first push.
I wanted to fight it, but I couldn't. I hadn't done much, or any, research on jogging strollers, since I just use our elliptical at home~with Jake next to me in the jumperoo~but this one is so fabulous I can barely stand it. Yep, it ended up in our cart.

Next was the car seat. We got a Graco 3-in-1. I am in love with this, too! Technically, Jake can use it now, but I need his carrier from the other stroller for when he & I go shopping. He can sit up, and does a great job, but I think if he were sitting in the front of a cart I'd have to pay more attention to his sitting situation than getting anything done. But, this car seat is set up to be used until he can just put his hiney on the actual seat of the car, so we'll get plenty of use!

Oh yes, before I get to the pics of our loot, our Mei Tai carrier got here!!! I picked the colors/pattern I wanted from this amazing lady on Etsy (her seller name is Twirlybirdbaby...go buy something from her) & it was here, like, 2 days later! Jake loves it!

Without further ado...

He LOVES this stroller. He, literally, only moves his head when he's in it so he can look around. Otherwise, he just lays there, totally content!

on a side poor baby's ears! :( Once he gets hair they won't look so sticky-outtie, but my poor little guy! He's still super handsome, though!!
The Mei Tai...uh-may-zing! It's so comfy on & a very natural fit to the body. Jake was soo relaxed

This headband came with the Mei Tai. I didn't order it, but it was a bonus gift! Can I just say that I kind of love it?! I don't know if I'd wear it anywhere, but it's still cute!

And, here's a couple shots of Jake with his grandparents. They kind of like each other:
Thanks for everything, madre y padre!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Mother's Day

This day did not start out the sunshine & rainbows I had anticipated. The past couple days had thrown Jake for a loop. With my parents being out this week for a visit, Jake was constantly stimulated. Usually he rolls with it. Usually he has no problem with going to different places, seeing different people, etc., but the past couple days he picked one specific outing to be fussy, and rode that as long as he could. He doesn't have that newborn scream, but just very whiny & antsy. Sooo out of character, but we all bucked up & smothered him with love 'til he broke :)

But, get this lil tidbit of horse hockey: We went to Ruby Tuesday for linner, & it was packed. We had a competition between the church crowd & Mother's Day celebrators. Either way, the service had mass suckage...perhaps they were overwhelmed by their flourishing business?!

Anyhow, so we're all headed out, mom, dad, me, Gary, & the boy. Gary was holding the door open, like the gentleman he is, & some old lady (who thought she was young) & her daughter with, what looked like, her boyfriend stroll through without saying a word to my Paul-Bunyan-esque-height husband. Like he wasn't even there. Now, mind you, I'm running my patience to the bone & some turds walking past my husband like he wasn't even there = me dancing that fine line between role model & ass kicker. Thisclose to losing my shit.

As luck would have it, we parked right next to the "Turd Fergusons". We kind of stood at the back of our ride, waiting for chain smoking mom to get her arse in the vehicle, so we could begin loading up. She stood there again, as if 5 people weren't standing there, staring at her, then leisurely falls into the passenger seat. Oh, Lord, if my holding Jake wasn't the only thing that seemed to keep him content at that moment, I had a total Mean Girls moment where I could envision myself attacking her like a jungle cat.

Thheennn, she gets in. Turd daughter starts the car & just sits there, so I can't open the door to get J in. So, I motion to the I-obviously-have-bad-taste- boyfriend to tell them to get moving. They try to tell us to go about our business. I mouth " LET'S GO!" So, they pull out. They then have the audacity to stare at me as if I've been their zit on prom night. I stared back, daring them to begin a dance with someone who had the bitchiest waitress to ever live, a child that would relax only if the sun, moon, & stars all aligned, & a day that was not quite what I imagined. They were smart & drove off

Happy to say it got better from there.

My parents were giving us a date night! So, even though Jake was being a bit fussy, we were pumped! Gary & I went & got ice cream at the shoppette...sans child. It was WEIRD! Then, we came back to bs with the 'rents until we put Jake down & headed to our movie, Iron Man 2. Twas good, y'all. Go see it. Heard it just can't make enough money its opening weekend...

On the way to the movie, Gary gave me my Mother's Day gift. Let me first show you what Jake got me, which I opened while feeding him:

can you tell it's one of those mother/child necklaces?

I almost feel like there should be some sort of drum roll for what Gary got me. It brought tears to my eyes. Seriously gorgeous

Sooo purty!!

Had to get a pic of me wearing them...when we got 11 o'clock

And, date night!---->

And, one of the very special little man who made me part of this day. The little man, who has a rough moment & gives me a kiss & smile with the next breath. The little man I could not imagine my life without

I love you, Jake you just love the spinach artichoke dip stain on my booby? Icing meet cake

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new. ~Rajneesh

We want to wish every mama a wonderful day! We hope you can spend it cuddling those little ones that made you a part of this very special day.
I never truly knew how special this day was until I got to see the big, gummy grin of my amazing little boy. Thank you, Jake, for making motherhood more than I ever thought it could be....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Inconvenient Truth

My inconvenient truth is how effing much cloth diapers cost. Apparently, there was this little voice in the back of my mind kind of expecting a supply of cloth diapers to cost what an economy box of disposables at Babies R Us costs. No clue why.

Well, after going back and forth with Sarah ( remember Sarah?), on Twitter this morning, AND putting Jake in his first cloth diapers today (which Sarah has generously let me borrow to test out the whole process), I was headed down the path of greenery.

In the stash Sarah provided me was, I think, every possible way to cloth diaper a baby. This was so I could pick my favorite way, see what worked best, what was most absorbent for little J Bone etc. Naturally, first thing I grabbed was the All-in-One. It's the EXACT same set up as a disposable, but you wash it instead of toss it. Jake did end up leaking through that, but not only was he in it for a while, he napped with it on (none got on his fitted sheet or mattress, though!) and, when he does have a bigger diaper, it happens when he naps. So the leak was pretty situational.

In all honesty, I halfheartedly tried the prefold & diaper cover; I already wasn't into it. But, ya know what's really absorbent? The pocket diapers & inserts. Jake had zero signs of a wet diaper. It's basically like a pad for those lady's days (which I fully intend on never having again! Oh, how I heart breastfeeding :) ) that you insert into the pocket (this is making more sense as I type it out...) of the diaper, then you handle it like a disposable for each diaper change.

I ended up buying All-in-Ones. Just easier to handle, and, if anything, I can always line them with an insert, or a burp rag we already have, if I deem necessary. But, I don't think it'll be an issue at all. This way, I don't have to worry about extra anything. It's a one step operation.

My online battle began like this....
I searched, & googled, & searched, & googled....comparing prices, splitting possible purchases up between pocket diaper/inserts & All-in-Ones (AIOs), etc., but there wasn't enough of a difference in pricing to go with the extra (albeit, small) step of using the insert. So, as I continued to try to put a beat down on the prices google was turning up, I found a set of 24 bumgenius AIOs for $358!! That's an amazing price. I picked a size (large~ for Jake to have all the way until he's out of diapers) & went happily about making dinner until I realized I made a fatal flaw. The point of cloth diapers is to never have to buy another diaper again & I had bought diapers in a size. A large diaper is NOT going to work on our next newborn (unless I have some supreme hell coming my way). Back to the grind I was.

So, I found, and ordered, a package of 21 diapers (21 because he uses about 6 diapers a day, & I don't want to be washing diapers constantly). Ready for this? It came out to $463, & that's the cheapest I could find. I guess I could have gone to something like craigslist. It's not that I'm grossed out by a used diaper, it's not like I can't put a serious clean on it, it's just that we intend to use these diapers for 2-3 kids, so I want us to be wearing them down, not have them already broken in.

I was NOT excited about spending that much. I really searched for ways to get the cost a bit lower, but, in the end, that's all I could get. I bought bumgenius, organic, one size, All-in-One diapers. We, literally, could never have to buy another diaper again, so the cost is well worth it. Plus, with what they cost, we'll be treating them like gold!

The AIO that Jake had leaked through this morning was not a bumgenius. But, after meeting up with Sarah ( & Alena!) today, she let me borrow a bumgenius for tonight. Jake doesn't usually have too bad of a diaper in the morning, but that's usually a good test, a nice 8-9 hour stretch will show you what a diaper's made of! But, just to be safe, I put a mattress protector directly beneath him. There's already one under his fitted sheet, but just staying on the side of caution. The diaper he's in right now is very thick, without being bulky, so I don't anticipate any issues. &, almost more importantly, he looks ADORABLE in them!

The last thing I can think of to save money over the long haul are cloth wipes. I'm not exactly sold on this idea. I guess there are sprays you can use, which I'm interested in looking into, but the idea of just using a wet wash cloth ain't ma thang. That'd be similar to just wetting my hands after going to the bathroom. Sure, there's no visible cooties, but it's not actually clean. I want to make sure Jake has that fresh feeling a wipe gives.

So, I booby-feed, make Jake's solids, & now I cloth diaper. If there's any other way I can save a serious amount of cash....please don't tell me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baby, I'm amazed by you

Gary & I talk, all the time, how Jake, our 7 month old, is NOT baby. He's not. He's our little boy. Our little man. Our little guy. But, he's NOT a baby.

He has likes & dislikes. He laughs & smiles & has cartoon preferences. He kisses (well, opens his mouth wide to simulate kissing!). He recognizes his grandpa's voice on the phone. He squeals when daddy comes home. He wakes up like I do in the morning~~if I gotta be up, let's make the best of it! He uses different tones of voice, different inflections, & different facial expressions when talking to us. He has patience (more on that in a bit). He 'da man.

I like him ;) I love being around him. He's so effing funny I can barely stand it. He has a very sweet little personality. We've been watching him meet other babies lately & he touches them soo gently & even leaned in for a kiss from one today! Oh, Lord, I'm pretty much addicted to him.

He doesn't cry often, which is where the patience thing kicks in. If he has a dirty diaper, or is getting hungry he'll fuss a little, but in this way that is totally sweet. Gary can equate his bit of fussing to him saying "Ummm...waahhhh"


I've been thinking about Mother's Day. It's my first with an outside babe. I'll tease Gary about "buying me something pretty", but I don't need anything else but my baby & the man who knocked me up... and maybe breakfast in bed ;)

Someone Else's Kid

There are rules. There are rules adults must follow. Yep, even to the kid who is sitting in their room, pissed at their parents, & thinking "I can't wait 'til I have kids" in that shit rolls downhill sort of way, there are rules.

One must never, under any type of circumstance, in any given context, in any galaxy of this, or any other, universe ever speak badly of another person's child in front of said child's parent(s). You may think it's funny, or that you mean it in a completely innocent way, or even that you don't mean what you're saying as much as your words portray, but to that parent, you've crossed a major line. Death may now befall you.

I hear people talk about other people's kids like the kids are inanimate objects, & the comments are more directed toward the parent(s). Nuh-uh. Not cool. This innocent little babe doesn't deserved to be spoken about in such a way; they're not pawns in your adult game.

Some of the adjectives I've heard people use toward other children make me put myself in their parents' shoes. I'd be all Ivan Drago, "I must break you"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Petunia Pain in my Bottom

So, I know this fellow mama. Her & I had babies within weeks of each other. We're both awesome. We both have the humor of 12 year olds, on occasion. We both blog

I heart her, but she keeps *making* me do stuff good for the stupid planet...that requires much thought (at first)...& a little extra effort. What a turd, huh?!

Ok, if Sarah hasn't stopped following my blog, I'll get into all the stuff she's making me do :) :

*She turned me on to baby food making. Before she told me that she makes her baby boy's food, I just figured that I'd give Jake jars of baby food until he has a couple teeth, and then give him whatever we're having, within reason. Nope. She showed me that I could spend a few bucks up front on stuff that allows us to cook/steam & puree fruits & veggies, so we know exactly what's going into our babes, & avoiding all the extra crap you don't want to fill your kid with if you have the choice ((many jarred baby foods have a shelf life of two years. I don't want to give Jake anything that can survive that long on its own!~~~~ They're obviously not awful, but I'd rather not if I don't have to)) So, if I can, I like to head over to Trader Joe's in Nashville, spend a lot less than I thought on organic fruits/veggies, & head home to make Jake about a month's worth of baby food in one sitting. Lately, I've just been using regular grocery store produce because I haven't been able to head over to Nashville, but Jake is still loving the applecado (apples & avocado) purees & mashed 'taters!

*Another thing she turned me on to was blanket making. If you remember, back in March, I blogged about all the blankets I had made. OK, so this one isn't really fantastic for Earth or anything, but it kept my idle hands busy when Gary was in the field! Plus, aren't they adorable!?

***Here is the motherload of her latest Earth-saving tips she has thrust upon me: CLOTH DIAPERS. I was cloth diapered, so that was pretty much my whole basis for not ever really considering it. Anything that was done 25 years ago (eff my life, I'm 25 already?!) is something I was sure would be A) incredibly difficult and B) just plain stupid. Turns out, they're INSANELY cute & a whole lot easier to deal with than I anticipated. Although, I'm not spastic about it, I like to eliminate unnecessary (is there a more subjective word in the English language?!) waste if I can. I also like to play this Where's Waldo of Money Saving game I invented. I feel an odd sense of pride when I can save money, just for the sake of saving money. I'd be worried that I lost all cool points with that last sentence if I wasn't such a kick in the pants.
Anywho, there are these things called 'prefolds' , which act as the absorbent part of a diaper, that you fasten with special clips, and then use a diaper cover to top off the whole operation. If I understand this correctly, you should get a bunch of the prefolds, a few clips, & just a few of the diaper covers & you should be good to go (Sarah's blog will be able to clear up any confusion..she knows her stuff!).
So, your baby wets a diaper, you take off the prefold, toss it in whatever type of container you choose, strap on a new prefold, replace with same diaper cover (assuming you haven't had a massive blow out...) & do laundry every few days (or so). If you get a little turd, you toss it in the toilet, & repeat the same steps for a wet. Most tots eating solids will have solid poo most of the time. If you're lucky enough to get a peanut buttery turd, Sarah suggests using something like a popsicle stick to scrape it off. Man, motherhood is glamorous!

I know, I know. Does not sound like anything remotely awesome. But, just like driving a stick, it seems like a giant PITA, but, I assume, it becomes second nature. You can save a ton of cash over the long haul, but it blows up front because it's going to be pretty pricey to start out.

And, I don't have the link, I think Sarah does, though, but there's an equation to figure the total cost of disposables vs. the cost of all the cloth diapering "ingredients" + water bill + washing detergent (I think...either way, Sarah makes her own detergent. Yah, I can't believe it either) and it still comes out cheaper. The diaper covers have snaps, or velcro-depending on preference, that will last until your child is out of diapers.

Crap, all this convincing I tried to do has left me little room to say "Eff it, I'm sticking with disposables"