Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baby, I'm amazed by you

Gary & I talk, all the time, how Jake, our 7 month old, is NOT baby. He's not. He's our little boy. Our little man. Our little guy. But, he's NOT a baby.

He has likes & dislikes. He laughs & smiles & has cartoon preferences. He kisses (well, opens his mouth wide to simulate kissing!). He recognizes his grandpa's voice on the phone. He squeals when daddy comes home. He wakes up like I do in the morning~~if I gotta be up, let's make the best of it! He uses different tones of voice, different inflections, & different facial expressions when talking to us. He has patience (more on that in a bit). He 'da man.

I like him ;) I love being around him. He's so effing funny I can barely stand it. He has a very sweet little personality. We've been watching him meet other babies lately & he touches them soo gently & even leaned in for a kiss from one today! Oh, Lord, I'm pretty much addicted to him.

He doesn't cry often, which is where the patience thing kicks in. If he has a dirty diaper, or is getting hungry he'll fuss a little, but in this way that is totally sweet. Gary can equate his bit of fussing to him saying "Ummm...waahhhh"


I've been thinking about Mother's Day. It's my first with an outside babe. I'll tease Gary about "buying me something pretty", but I don't need anything else but my baby & the man who knocked me up... and maybe breakfast in bed ;)

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