Friday, May 28, 2010

He's a grown-ass man!

Jake has taken on the tear-inducing act of crawling!! Well, he's trying. It's way too adorable for me to describe over a keyboard...I can barely stand it!! He knows how to push his upper body up with his arms, & knows to get the tush in the air, by going up on his knees, but has yet to work both the arms & tush-elevation at the same time!

When he first did it, Gary was out picking up dinner & Jake and I were laying on the floor of his room. Next thing I know, he's got his hiney in the air & is shimmy-ing his shoulders along the ground to move!!! :::diesofcuteness::: I, sat there in mama-pride-shock, then got myself together enough to sprint out to get the phone & tell Gary to rocket himself back home! I felt tears immediately well up, but I was soo excited nothing would come out!
What cracks me up every time is that he lets out little grunts, works hard for a minute or two, & then, literally, lays down in exhaustion. Here, I have proof:

Seeing a toy he'd like to get a better handle on...

Loving life...


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