Monday, May 31, 2010

Impending Doom

Yep, that's the perfect title to this post.

Next week (did you read that with the appropriate anguish in your "voice" & sad, violin-playing soundtrack in the background?) Gary is leaving. Next week.

It's kind of a surreal feeling right now. Like, I know the severity of the situation, and know the types of feelings I'll have the time of my life going through (SARCASM ALERT), but when all that actually hits, it's like you've never felt those things before in your life.

It's just a kick in the pants.

But, I am super grateful for this weekend! We've had an incredible, LONG weekend (Gary was off almost 5 straight days!!...went in for a few hours on Friday, & doesn't go back 'til Wednesday!), of which I have every intention of sharing an atrocious amount of detail, but, for now, it's me & the hubs on the couch, whisper-laughing like the bus driver just yelled at us to keep it down, plotting (nope, not planning. We like a good "attack" on the day) tomorrow's family activities...

But, for right now, we have this moment. This moment is bliss.

I love you, my soldier

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Erin said...

Awww! I hope the next week goes really, really slow!