Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Inconvenient Truth

My inconvenient truth is how effing much cloth diapers cost. Apparently, there was this little voice in the back of my mind kind of expecting a supply of cloth diapers to cost what an economy box of disposables at Babies R Us costs. No clue why.

Well, after going back and forth with Sarah ( remember Sarah?), on Twitter this morning, AND putting Jake in his first cloth diapers today (which Sarah has generously let me borrow to test out the whole process), I was headed down the path of greenery.

In the stash Sarah provided me was, I think, every possible way to cloth diaper a baby. This was so I could pick my favorite way, see what worked best, what was most absorbent for little J Bone etc. Naturally, first thing I grabbed was the All-in-One. It's the EXACT same set up as a disposable, but you wash it instead of toss it. Jake did end up leaking through that, but not only was he in it for a while, he napped with it on (none got on his fitted sheet or mattress, though!) and, when he does have a bigger diaper, it happens when he naps. So the leak was pretty situational.

In all honesty, I halfheartedly tried the prefold & diaper cover; I already wasn't into it. But, ya know what's really absorbent? The pocket diapers & inserts. Jake had zero signs of a wet diaper. It's basically like a pad for those lady's days (which I fully intend on never having again! Oh, how I heart breastfeeding :) ) that you insert into the pocket (this is making more sense as I type it out...) of the diaper, then you handle it like a disposable for each diaper change.

I ended up buying All-in-Ones. Just easier to handle, and, if anything, I can always line them with an insert, or a burp rag we already have, if I deem necessary. But, I don't think it'll be an issue at all. This way, I don't have to worry about extra anything. It's a one step operation.

My online battle began like this....
I searched, & googled, & searched, & googled....comparing prices, splitting possible purchases up between pocket diaper/inserts & All-in-Ones (AIOs), etc., but there wasn't enough of a difference in pricing to go with the extra (albeit, small) step of using the insert. So, as I continued to try to put a beat down on the prices google was turning up, I found a set of 24 bumgenius AIOs for $358!! That's an amazing price. I picked a size (large~ for Jake to have all the way until he's out of diapers) & went happily about making dinner until I realized I made a fatal flaw. The point of cloth diapers is to never have to buy another diaper again & I had bought diapers in a size. A large diaper is NOT going to work on our next newborn (unless I have some supreme hell coming my way). Back to the grind I was.

So, I found, and ordered, a package of 21 diapers (21 because he uses about 6 diapers a day, & I don't want to be washing diapers constantly). Ready for this? It came out to $463, & that's the cheapest I could find. I guess I could have gone to something like craigslist. It's not that I'm grossed out by a used diaper, it's not like I can't put a serious clean on it, it's just that we intend to use these diapers for 2-3 kids, so I want us to be wearing them down, not have them already broken in.

I was NOT excited about spending that much. I really searched for ways to get the cost a bit lower, but, in the end, that's all I could get. I bought bumgenius, organic, one size, All-in-One diapers. We, literally, could never have to buy another diaper again, so the cost is well worth it. Plus, with what they cost, we'll be treating them like gold!

The AIO that Jake had leaked through this morning was not a bumgenius. But, after meeting up with Sarah ( & Alena!) today, she let me borrow a bumgenius for tonight. Jake doesn't usually have too bad of a diaper in the morning, but that's usually a good test, a nice 8-9 hour stretch will show you what a diaper's made of! But, just to be safe, I put a mattress protector directly beneath him. There's already one under his fitted sheet, but just staying on the side of caution. The diaper he's in right now is very thick, without being bulky, so I don't anticipate any issues. &, almost more importantly, he looks ADORABLE in them!

The last thing I can think of to save money over the long haul are cloth wipes. I'm not exactly sold on this idea. I guess there are sprays you can use, which I'm interested in looking into, but the idea of just using a wet wash cloth ain't ma thang. That'd be similar to just wetting my hands after going to the bathroom. Sure, there's no visible cooties, but it's not actually clean. I want to make sure Jake has that fresh feeling a wipe gives.

So, I booby-feed, make Jake's solids, & now I cloth diaper. If there's any other way I can save a serious amount of cash....please don't tell me.


Amy said...

Wow, I feel so dumb! Everytime I saw a post from The LaMay bakery, I assumed you were an actual baker. I just read this today and havea lot of catching up to do! But anyway, if you can sew a somewhat straight line, you should totally make cloth wipes out of flannel or even leftover receiving blankets. you can also make your own diaper inserts. message me if you want to know how i did it. it makes more sense to use cloth wipes with CDs because they all just go in the same laundry bin and wash load. not to mention saving hundreds of $s!

Natalie said...

Hi! Found you on bloggymoms and stopping by to say hello. congrats on your beautiful baby! I have 8 month old twin girls and so I can relate to a lot of what you talk about :)
Cloth diapers...we love to hate 'em! Have you checked out G Diapers? They are biodegradable, flushable diapers. Really, really worth it! I used them with my son (he's almost 3 now). Just a thought!