Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jake's First Baseball Game!!

Well, we FINALLY made it to a Sounds game! The weather kept us from getting over to Nashville for the date we had originally bought the tickets, but we did it today! Suck it, Mother Nature.

Can I just tell you the rather massive ordeal it was to get to the game?First, mapquest totally took us in the wrong direction, or we missed an exit. Whichevs. But, we'd never been to the stadium, so we didn't really know any landmarks (other than stadium lights!) to look for. Gary & his internal GPS got us there, though!

So, we find our exit. There's probably, literally, 5-6 miles of traffic getting into the stadium. Turns out, it was some kid day, or something, at the ballpark & there were 9,500 students there. Did you catch that? NINE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED students. Navigating a bunch of hormonal, pre-teens with a baby strapped to my chest ( in my mei tai carrier!!!) was a feat. And, oh yah, the stadium holds 10,700. Whiskey....Tango....Foxtrot.....

((It wasn't so bad, though. I definitely don't envy the point they're at in their lives. But, what's funny is that you can almost see the blinders they have on! They were seeing what immediately pertained to them. Nothing wrong with that--at that age--- but, it was kind of a *cute* innocence, ya know? Luckily, Gary & I can look at a situation & laugh our hineys off!))

So, we park in, like, Illinois & walk, get to our seats, & Jake's sunblock bath begins. I know my madre is reading this thinking "VITAMIN D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", which is fab & all, but I LOVE Jake's skin & want to keep it nice! If they had SPF 217, I'd buy it. Instead, we lathered him up in SPF 55 & those little hats I can hardly stand. But, they do the job & I'm hardpressed to not like something that Jake makes look so damn cute

Naturally, Jake needs to be fed as soon as we get there, so he hides out under my Hooter Hider (It was free, people, otherwise I would have been all 007 with receiving blankets so as to not make the day for many young boys...) After that, it was smooth sailing, ya know, until the near death experience.

Our seats were right behind 3rd base dugout. Perfection. But, the pitfall was that, I swear, every batter was a lefty. & where do lefties hit foul balls??

Jake was sitting with grandpa, next to me, at the time of the incident. A foul ball does a quick trip around the sun & comes screeching back toward Earth. My dad clutches Jake to his chest & leans over him. I throw my body over my dad, & wait for the impact of the baseball, surely traveling at a mph in the triple digits by now. It lands, with the loudest pop ever, on the stair next to us. I could practically feel the wind the ball created. Once the adrenaline of protecting my child left, I felt lightheaded. I've been around baseball all. my. life. I've seen people beaned more times than I can count. Needless to say, that doesn't need to happen to my infant! Once we all did a quick count of our extremities, I couldn't help but to laugh. The only thing that scared Jake was how my dad reacted. I, on the other hand, had momentary heart palpitations.

All in all, it was a really great time! Jake was able to get a game ball, & a bat & pennant from the grandparents. Near death experiences (you all know I'm having some sarcasm, right ;) ?!), God-awful traffic & effed up directions all make for a memorable day!

Daddy & Jake loving his first game!

So, ended up losing these sunglasses during a diaper change at the field...luckily they're those uber cheap ones from those kiosks in the mall! haha!

So proud to be his mama!

Jake & his grandpa. Yep, they have a thing for each other

Jake's first baseball. It'll be one of MANY

Me & my lovah
Dad got me the powder blue Sounds hat. Gotta support the home team!

Jake & his Grammy. Better go check on him...she may try to stuff him in her luggage tomorrow!

My hunk 0' man & our little guy :::kiss kiss:::

My family!


Mama Hen said...

Hey there! I just found your blog! Very sweet! I love the family pictures!! I take pictures of my family ALL the time! Visit me at Mama's Little Chick-

Mama Hen

Erin said...

I luuurve his hat!

More power to you girl, I would have seen 9500 kiddos and turned right around and ran home!!!