Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let's talk about sex, ba-by

Madre, you may want to divert your eyes. I don't know...it's up to you

First, I'll start G-rated:
I don't remember how we got on this topic, but, on the way back from grocery shopping, I was telling my mom how Gary & I have to remember to reel it in when it comes to that time in Jake's life, & the lives of our future babies; that time where their bodies are changing, doing things involuntarily, & bringing more attention to themselves.

Gary & I are very open people. Talking about things like sex doesn't bother us. We're adventurous, in more ways than one :::winkingface:::

I really owe this to my friend, my child's Godmother, Gabby. She got me taking some pretty smokin' hot pics for Gary when he was deployed the first time. It was then that I began a love affair for nudity. I had never done anything like that before. My makeup was totally perfect, hair was done just right & she was completely honest with me. Ya know how some women will be crappy to you out of some form, or another, of jealousy when you got it goin' on? Well...that ain't how she rolls. She wasn't afraid to be super complimentary (which boosted the crap out of my self esteem!) & tell me what positions to get into. I loved it. I loved having that personal little photo shoot. And, let me tell you, Gary was NOT disappointed in the surprise he received!!

So, following my photo shoots, I'd slowly spend more time at Victoria's Secret & Fredericks. Then, more time with Gabby. I got pretty much more comfy in my birthday suit than actual clothing. True Story. She was my "porn" version of Annie Leibovitz. Wait, just realized not everyone who reads our blog knows Gabby. Well, she's this totally fab wife, & mother of 2, that I met while working at a hardware store YEARS ago. Since then, she's become my sister, mother in law, incredibly close friend, my bodyguard (from the lamesauces'...no pun intended), all wrapped into one. She 'da woman, yo!

Well, when Gary came home on leave, & then later home for good, we CAPITALIZED on my newfound love of the nasty. I'd, obviously, always loved it before, but, now, I think I was more mentally *free*, & it was liberating as hell.

We've christened public places (seriously, seriously proud of those places). We've tried new things with an, almost, abnormal excitement. We've been anything but routine. And, we've loved every second.

Up until we met our sweet little Jake, I was inundated with horror stories from women who said their sex lives went in the crapper after having a baby. I don't know if it was all mental, as in feeling like a battlefield, or if there was some sort of physical issue (other than that horrid 6 week wait), but the stories were not pretty. I made it a point to not let mamahood do that to our fab, horizontal (sometimes!) escapades. I had nice, new boobies & no big, round belly to limit our range of positions. IT. WAS. ON.

Routine may be the best thing evah for Jake, but not so much for the deed. Do it at odd hours. Do it in public. Sext one another. HAVE FUN.

I made a new friend, on Twitter, the other day that reminded me how great it is to talk about stuff like this. I love having someone that's not shy AT. ALL.

Be able to look back at your sexual scoreboard & say "Yah, I've done that"


buzzvibe said...

Yay for you! Yes, I totally agree that we are women and still have needs and urges that don't go away (nor should they be stifled) when we become mothers. Great post!

May said...

That's me!! I LOVE that you are as free as into as I am and you're a mama! It is so so so important that we keep connections going with our mates, but I love that for us, it's not work! ;)