Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Mother's Day

This day did not start out the sunshine & rainbows I had anticipated. The past couple days had thrown Jake for a loop. With my parents being out this week for a visit, Jake was constantly stimulated. Usually he rolls with it. Usually he has no problem with going to different places, seeing different people, etc., but the past couple days he picked one specific outing to be fussy, and rode that as long as he could. He doesn't have that newborn scream, but just very whiny & antsy. Sooo out of character, but we all bucked up & smothered him with love 'til he broke :)

But, get this lil tidbit of horse hockey: We went to Ruby Tuesday for linner, & it was packed. We had a competition between the church crowd & Mother's Day celebrators. Either way, the service had mass suckage...perhaps they were overwhelmed by their flourishing business?!

Anyhow, so we're all headed out, mom, dad, me, Gary, & the boy. Gary was holding the door open, like the gentleman he is, & some old lady (who thought she was young) & her daughter with, what looked like, her boyfriend stroll through without saying a word to my Paul-Bunyan-esque-height husband. Like he wasn't even there. Now, mind you, I'm running my patience to the bone & some turds walking past my husband like he wasn't even there = me dancing that fine line between role model & ass kicker. Thisclose to losing my shit.

As luck would have it, we parked right next to the "Turd Fergusons". We kind of stood at the back of our ride, waiting for chain smoking mom to get her arse in the vehicle, so we could begin loading up. She stood there again, as if 5 people weren't standing there, staring at her, then leisurely falls into the passenger seat. Oh, Lord, if my holding Jake wasn't the only thing that seemed to keep him content at that moment, I had a total Mean Girls moment where I could envision myself attacking her like a jungle cat.

Thheennn, she gets in. Turd daughter starts the car & just sits there, so I can't open the door to get J in. So, I motion to the I-obviously-have-bad-taste- boyfriend to tell them to get moving. They try to tell us to go about our business. I mouth " LET'S GO!" So, they pull out. They then have the audacity to stare at me as if I've been their zit on prom night. I stared back, daring them to begin a dance with someone who had the bitchiest waitress to ever live, a child that would relax only if the sun, moon, & stars all aligned, & a day that was not quite what I imagined. They were smart & drove off

Happy to say it got better from there.

My parents were giving us a date night! So, even though Jake was being a bit fussy, we were pumped! Gary & I went & got ice cream at the shoppette...sans child. It was WEIRD! Then, we came back to bs with the 'rents until we put Jake down & headed to our movie, Iron Man 2. Twas good, y'all. Go see it. Heard it just can't make enough money its opening weekend...

On the way to the movie, Gary gave me my Mother's Day gift. Let me first show you what Jake got me, which I opened while feeding him:

can you tell it's one of those mother/child necklaces?

I almost feel like there should be some sort of drum roll for what Gary got me. It brought tears to my eyes. Seriously gorgeous

Sooo purty!!

Had to get a pic of me wearing them...when we got 11 o'clock

And, date night!---->

And, one of the very special little man who made me part of this day. The little man, who has a rough moment & gives me a kiss & smile with the next breath. The little man I could not imagine my life without

I love you, Jake you just love the spinach artichoke dip stain on my booby? Icing meet cake

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