Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Parents

I believe they deserve a post all about them. And, it's far enough away from the sex post, so that they're not touching one another. Because, ya know, that'd be gross.

My parents left today after being here a week. It was a ton of fun! We went out to eat, on mini-walks, to a baseball game, SHOPPING (& then some more shopping...) was a great time! And, I think their cherry on top was that Jake remembered who they were right off the bat! He hadn't seen my dad since he was 2 weeks old (but they talk on the phone) & hadn't seen my mom since he was 3 months, at Christmas. It was great to watch them together!

But, what really touches me is their serious generosity. My dad swears he has unlimited funds when it comes to us! My mom OKs the purchase of just about everything, up to & sometimes including the kitchen sink...

Can I just put on paper how much they take care of us?

They got us God's gift to strollers (aka the Baby Trend jogging stroller), paid for every.single.meal., got the 3-in-1 Graco carseat, practically a new wardrobe for J Bone, a stack of books from Borders, an Old Navy shopping spree for me & Jake (Gary didn't want anything...He cratzy;) ), Gary's uber-expensive, but super comfy!, boots for Afghanistan, computer games & hard drives for Gary to have during deployment....the list continues. But, they also covered things like runs to the shoppette & filling up our gas all week. They're amazing! It's so sweet the way they make sure we're taken care of. I can't believe how blessed we are.

But, it's not just the things they buy. It's my mom taking care of baths on bath nights. It's my dad & Gary bs'ing, & laughing so hard it's silent. It's my mom talking with me about cooking. It's silence when Gary & my dad do "man things" like watch Boondock Saints & pick a beer at Old Chicago. It's my dad & Jake having their own language. It's my mom laughing & saying how I made many little boys' day when my skirt flew up at the Sounds game (true story!!). It's my mom crying when Gary dropped them off saying "you be careful over there. Take care of yourself. I love you"

For all of it & more, thank you mom & dad for taking such great care of us. We love you!

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Mama Hen said...

That is SO great that you have such a wonderful relationship with your parents!! I lost my Dad twelve years ago and it has been very difficult on me. I wrote about him in my April Archives. It is so nice to read about how much you love and appreciate your parents. Thank God I still have my mom. She is such a huge part of Little Chick's and my life. Hope to see you around Mama's Little Chick! Thanks for stopping by and the sweet comment!

Mama Hen