Saturday, May 1, 2010

Petunia Pain in my Bottom

So, I know this fellow mama. Her & I had babies within weeks of each other. We're both awesome. We both have the humor of 12 year olds, on occasion. We both blog

I heart her, but she keeps *making* me do stuff good for the stupid planet...that requires much thought (at first)...& a little extra effort. What a turd, huh?!

Ok, if Sarah hasn't stopped following my blog, I'll get into all the stuff she's making me do :) :

*She turned me on to baby food making. Before she told me that she makes her baby boy's food, I just figured that I'd give Jake jars of baby food until he has a couple teeth, and then give him whatever we're having, within reason. Nope. She showed me that I could spend a few bucks up front on stuff that allows us to cook/steam & puree fruits & veggies, so we know exactly what's going into our babes, & avoiding all the extra crap you don't want to fill your kid with if you have the choice ((many jarred baby foods have a shelf life of two years. I don't want to give Jake anything that can survive that long on its own!~~~~ They're obviously not awful, but I'd rather not if I don't have to)) So, if I can, I like to head over to Trader Joe's in Nashville, spend a lot less than I thought on organic fruits/veggies, & head home to make Jake about a month's worth of baby food in one sitting. Lately, I've just been using regular grocery store produce because I haven't been able to head over to Nashville, but Jake is still loving the applecado (apples & avocado) purees & mashed 'taters!

*Another thing she turned me on to was blanket making. If you remember, back in March, I blogged about all the blankets I had made. OK, so this one isn't really fantastic for Earth or anything, but it kept my idle hands busy when Gary was in the field! Plus, aren't they adorable!?

***Here is the motherload of her latest Earth-saving tips she has thrust upon me: CLOTH DIAPERS. I was cloth diapered, so that was pretty much my whole basis for not ever really considering it. Anything that was done 25 years ago (eff my life, I'm 25 already?!) is something I was sure would be A) incredibly difficult and B) just plain stupid. Turns out, they're INSANELY cute & a whole lot easier to deal with than I anticipated. Although, I'm not spastic about it, I like to eliminate unnecessary (is there a more subjective word in the English language?!) waste if I can. I also like to play this Where's Waldo of Money Saving game I invented. I feel an odd sense of pride when I can save money, just for the sake of saving money. I'd be worried that I lost all cool points with that last sentence if I wasn't such a kick in the pants.
Anywho, there are these things called 'prefolds' , which act as the absorbent part of a diaper, that you fasten with special clips, and then use a diaper cover to top off the whole operation. If I understand this correctly, you should get a bunch of the prefolds, a few clips, & just a few of the diaper covers & you should be good to go (Sarah's blog will be able to clear up any confusion..she knows her stuff!).
So, your baby wets a diaper, you take off the prefold, toss it in whatever type of container you choose, strap on a new prefold, replace with same diaper cover (assuming you haven't had a massive blow out...) & do laundry every few days (or so). If you get a little turd, you toss it in the toilet, & repeat the same steps for a wet. Most tots eating solids will have solid poo most of the time. If you're lucky enough to get a peanut buttery turd, Sarah suggests using something like a popsicle stick to scrape it off. Man, motherhood is glamorous!

I know, I know. Does not sound like anything remotely awesome. But, just like driving a stick, it seems like a giant PITA, but, I assume, it becomes second nature. You can save a ton of cash over the long haul, but it blows up front because it's going to be pretty pricey to start out.

And, I don't have the link, I think Sarah does, though, but there's an equation to figure the total cost of disposables vs. the cost of all the cloth diapering "ingredients" + water bill + washing detergent (I think...either way, Sarah makes her own detergent. Yah, I can't believe it either) and it still comes out cheaper. The diaper covers have snaps, or velcro-depending on preference, that will last until your child is out of diapers.

Crap, all this convincing I tried to do has left me little room to say "Eff it, I'm sticking with disposables"

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Erin said...

I have toyed with the idea of cloth diapering. But just figuring out what supplies I need is overwhelming. I need someone to come over and walk me through it!