Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm going to dive right in & say that if you live in the Clarksville/Ft. Campbell, or any surrounding state, & want pictures taken: GO TO COZETTE WINTERS. She's fabulous & amazing, and, to top it off, she has total southern belle charm. I love her.

I don't remember how I found her, but the first time I used her was for fun pictures for Gary, during deployment #2 (I'm TOTALLY not shy like that). When I called her to make Jake's 6 month picture appointment, it was the first time I was using her ( & DEFINITELY not my last!!) for baby pictures & the first thing she says, after hearing I now have a wee tot is "Sooo, whatcha been doinnn'?!" Love it! haha

Anywho, so we did the shoot at her house, which is INCREDIBLE for outdoor shots. When we got there, Jake was just waking up & she walked right up, said hi, & started talking to Jake. He LOVED (lots of words will be in caps in this post....fyi) her from the get-go. He IMMEDIATELY started talking her ear off & smiling for her!! See, the thing with Jake is, if he doesn't get a good vibe from you, he'll shut down, & he's an INCREDIBLY social baby. He'll lay his head down on the chest of whomever's holding him & try his best to limit interaction with you. Let's just say, Jake does not have bad taste.

After their conversation, we jumped right into things! It was FINALLLLY gorgeous weather (we have been trying for about a month & a half to get these pics done! The weather has been God-awful, but Cozette rolled with it; each time we had to reschedule she could not have been more accommodating. You know how when some people say "it's fine", but everything else about the way they react screams "YOU'VE RUINED MY LIFE!!!" Well, this ain't her. She's seriously amazing)

We got about 1.3 billion pictures, in an hour. Got there at 1, I was in her house, feeding Jake, a few minutes after 2! Girl knows how to work! We got so many great shots, too. Oh yah, I had made the mistake of wearing a new necklace, I picked up for these pictures, & Jake was INFATUATED with it. So, Cozette had to call his name, make some noises, ya know, usual baby-photographing-tactics, but it never bothered her one bit! She got a kick out of the whole thing! Even if Jake needed repositioning, she'd scoop him right up, as if he were her own, & get him where she needed him. One of the times she repositioned him, Jake's eye caught something, something fabulous I'm sure, & he wobbled so much where he couldn't catch his balance & fell back & hit his head :( Not hard, it scared him more than anything, & we were on grass, but he did cry. Cozette snatched him up & cradled him, & used thee typical soothing tones/words. She was giving him love to make him feel better. I just love her.

At Jake's first pics, I wore what I thought was, a cute, empire-waisted dress. Turns out, the wind caught it, & blew it up like an umbrella, so it made me look huge! This time, I made sure that was not going to happen! Even though I picked out a cute ensemble, Cozette would still take the time to make my hair just right, or have my face catch the light just right. You get the feel that these pictures are just as important to her as they are to you!

She showed me some of the pics, & they are just perfect. They're exactly what I wanted. Could not be happier!! I'll post them as soon as I get 'em back!

Seriously.....hire her. &, if you have nothing requiring pictures at the moment, FIND SOMETHING

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