Sunday, May 16, 2010

Silent Sunday

A lot of blogs out there do things like Wordless Wednesday. It's where they just post pics instead of writing anything. Well, my madre posted her pics on FB of their time out here with us, so it's my excuse to share them, only I don't plan on being silent. So, really, all I'm doing is destroying the sanctity of this wordless wednesday concept.

Either way, I think there's some good ones! Enjoy!
First things first, when you're an infant, of Irish descent, & at a baseball game at noon, you MUST have a sunblock bath! Our little guy is such a trooper!

My handsome hubby!!
Our first trip to White Castle was a success! My parents wanted to try it, & after 4 years of living here, & 20 min from WC, we finally tried it!

Big Boy!! Also, loving White Castle :)

My parents view, on our way to Longhorn Steakhouse. Not too shabby!!!
Love this little guy!

Me & my little guy! He saw Daddy eating something he had to have!!

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Erin said...

He is such a happy little guy!!