Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Someone Else's Kid

There are rules. There are rules adults must follow. Yep, even to the kid who is sitting in their room, pissed at their parents, & thinking "I can't wait 'til I have kids" in that shit rolls downhill sort of way, there are rules.

One must never, under any type of circumstance, in any given context, in any galaxy of this, or any other, universe ever speak badly of another person's child in front of said child's parent(s). You may think it's funny, or that you mean it in a completely innocent way, or even that you don't mean what you're saying as much as your words portray, but to that parent, you've crossed a major line. Death may now befall you.

I hear people talk about other people's kids like the kids are inanimate objects, & the comments are more directed toward the parent(s). Nuh-uh. Not cool. This innocent little babe doesn't deserved to be spoken about in such a way; they're not pawns in your adult game.

Some of the adjectives I've heard people use toward other children make me put myself in their parents' shoes. I'd be all Ivan Drago, "I must break you"

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Erin said...

Nuh-uh Oh No they di'n!!!!