Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Va va va voooom

Ok, kids, today is the day of our first giveaway!!
Because I love y'all so much, I'd like to offer you the chance to win a $50 gift card to Victoria's Secret!! I considered keeping it myself, but, what can I say? I'm a giver! :)

I don't think you can get anything as awesome as Heidi's wings up there, but you can still get something totally hot, that I'm sure the man in your life will appreciate, or, man, you could win for your lady!

But, I can't just give it away. You had to work just a bit for it!

*Publicly follow my blog (you can do so by clicking 'follow' button a little ways down on the right side of the page)----this helps me because I get to know my readers, which I LOVE. I love connecting with all you lovelies, swearsies

*Follow me on Twitter (click the Twitter badge on the right side)---I don't really care about being followed on Twitter, but, hey, it could help me & the hubs remember you...hintedy hint hint

*Lastly, & MOST IMPORTANTLY, leave a comment telling me A) how badly you want this totally to die for card and B) the most wild place you've engaged in thee act & why it was wild for you. Remember how they had the power outage on Friends, in, like, season 2? Rachel said her wildest place was the foot of the bed. If that's wild to you, that's fine, but tell me why??

Last time to enter is Thursday night, we'll be picking the winner Friday morning!

Good luck, Bombshell!!

1 comment:

~J said...

A- I loooove Vic's Secret & lingerie in general! I would beat up an old lady for this...okay not really, but you know what I mean!

B- Hubs and I got wild on the trampoline in the backyard...for shame! Wild for us because we have 3 kids and lots of neighbors, lol.