Sunday, June 13, 2010

The famous knees on that bee we're always talking about?

aka, The Cheesecake Factory. If you have yet to be to this wonder of an establishment, drop what you're doing and head to your nearest Cheesecake Factory.

Seriously. Do it.

We have our last 3 full days together broken down into categories; today was get dressed & go somewhere day (where somewhere stands for a place that is a little nicer, maybe somewhere we hadn't been before), tomorrow is REAL pool day (see post below this one), and Tuesday is order-a-pizza-and-watch-movies-from-the-list-we-made-Monday-night-while-in-jammies day.

{Our original plan was to head to Chipotle in Nashville, next to the Green Hills Mall. Gary has never been to that mall, and I wanted to show him some of the more upscale stores it has. Plus, Sarah always raves about it, so I had to confirm or deny those reports. I dubbed myself judge, jury, & executioner on the restaurant front today. Sometimes? I'm quite imaginative.
Well, we, accidentally, passed Chipotle, but saw a sign for the best restaurant EVAH & gave it a whirl...}

Today, somewhere was The Cheesecake Factory. Did I mention that? Everything about it was happiness. The inside was soo pretty!
The ceiling is so pretty! Do all Cheesecake Factories look this nice on the inside? Really, do they?

The hostess was super nice, our waiter was fab' (you know that great combination of taking care of you, but not hovering over the table, asking how your meal is every time you have a mouthfull? Yep, he was that good), and the food. Ohh, the food.
This party in your mouth appetizer are Avocado Egg Rolls and will ruin all other food for you

Then, there was the company:
I love my men....even if one has their eyes closed :)

I love when I can see that he actually does look like me sometimes!

I think what really made this day was that we talked about the hairy, make me want to vom parts of deployment, but handled it well. Instead of getting sad, we planned the Vegas trip we're taking once this tour is over, we talked about how great it'll be when he comes home on leave, how big Jake will be, how Gary's excited to see my parents & brothers when he gets back, how badass we are for handling yet another deployment! ;)

We laughed, we joked, we made more memories. We loved it! Not to say we've been having a bad time, but we were so wonderfully lighthearted today. Go us!
As hard as it is to know what's coming, because we've had 2 previous deployments, it's a blessing that we know how to handle ourselves before he leaves. No regrets!

I love this little boy! He's amazing, has a great personality, & I know he'd totally laugh at this pic!!

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Anonymous said...

I so love the cheesecake factory! That place gets me into so much trouble. Oh well. Your little guy is so stinking cute. The comb over picture made me spit my drink all over the place. Thanks. I so needed a good laugh before bed.