Friday, June 18, 2010

I own this day

When Gary first left, I thought "Super. I'll have puffy eyes for the next year". As the days go on they, obviously, get easier, but that first night? It lasts about a week.

But, yesterday (and if we're friends on FB, you already know this because I e-shouted it) when I heard from him, seriously, the clouds parted sunshine & rainbows began protruding from my body at every opportunity. It lifted my spirits in ways I cannot describe. When you go from " Yah, you'll hear from him, POSSIBLY, in 2-3 months" and you get a message, correction: messageS, from him on FB, there tends to be an alteration to your mood......and it was a great one!

I immediately jumped up & starting yelling to Jake, who was in his jumperoo next to me, "WE HEARD FROM DADDY, WE HEARD FROM DADDY, WE HEARD FROM DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (that amount of exclamations, probably, doesn't even do me justice) Next thing you know, Jake's going CRAZY in his jumperoo! It was a LaMay family celebration!

That wonderful feeling, I'm happy to say, lasted the rest of the night :)

Then, this morning, Jake decided to try & wake up at 4:30. I don't think so, little man. Ain't happenin'. So, I go and turn on his sound machine, but I couldn't get him to stay in the crib 'til 5. He worked up enough of a frenzy that it needed to be taken care of.

sidebar: he woke up at 3:15 yesterday morning. Umm, child? WHISKEY.TANGO.FOXTROT?? I mean, I know he's reacting to Gary being gone (complete with a couple extra poos, from the child that only drops a deuce 2-3 times a week!), but hook a mama up!

So, the morning is off to a weird start, but we were getting out of the house today no.matter.what. I got ready while he napped, then I got him ready, then he barfed onto the floor with an appetizing :::splat:::, I said "eff'll be there later" and we headed out.

It's Africa-hot out, but today just felt good. All was right in our world, well...ya know..., and we were going to be strong. We're going to be strong for daddy. But, deployment tried to ruin it. We did one set of errands, came back to feed & change him, & went back out. As we headed back out gate 7, we saw one of those big "deployment planes", I forget what they're called. My eyes immediately filled with tears, but I TOTALLY handled it. I was all "SUCK IT, DEPLOYMENT. You WON'T make me cry" I was all empowered. Or whatever.

But, instead of cry-fest 2010, I heard our son talking to his carseat toys and it brought me to a good place. It reminded me that there is NOTHING more exciting than getting ready & driving to the buses, which will take us to the airfield, which is where we get the beautiful sight that is your soldier stepping off that plane. It's totally dramatic and fabulous. There's nothing like it.

Today, I, instead of going to a sad place, which is super easy to get to right now, got to relive the past 2 times I saw my husband walk off that plane onto U.S. soil. I got to stand there in 20* weather, in my planned-to-a-T ensemble, with my meticulously done hair, with other families getting their dream come true.

I got to relive the bone-tingling sensation that is looking in each others eyes again. I got to relive the heart rate ruining anticipation of finding each other in the crowd following their 'welcome home formation'.

Yah, it's all good.

And, we get to do it all over again...

So, next time I'm crying a puddle into my right hand, I'll be giving deployment the finger with my left.

I'm so proud of you, my hubby. You're our hero


Michelle Murphy said...

Basically.... you're awesome. When our deployment starts you're the one I'm calling to get me through the day :)

The Chandlers said...

So when are you coming over next week?? I have to at least show you all the goods and brainstorm with you on all the decorating ideas!!