Thursday, June 3, 2010

Keeping Up with the LaMays

I started writing a post about this past weekend, because we did so many things as a family that didn't feel like our theme song was the tic-tock of the clock, but I realized it would be dangerously long. You'd lose interest. I'd lose interest; in fact, I probably would have just left mid-sentence & you'd be wondering whiskey.tango.foxtrot.??

So, in true Joel McHale fashion, here's our condensed soup:

Gary had class all last week, so he'd get off a smidge earlier than if he had gone to work (YAY!). Since Friday was a stay-at-home-and-watch-movies kind of night, we obliged. Gary went out and got us some Steak n Shake (our first time there, and we have no immediate plans to rush back...) and the movie-watching commenced.

It's completely amazing to watch movies with J now. Out of the clear blue, he'll start smiling from ear to ear, kicking his feet, waving his hands, and, my favorite, letting out BELLY LAUGHS!!! The kind where he'll have that hearty chuckle, then you can't hear him anymore because he's laughing that hard.


If you hadn't heard, all the sales going on everywhere for Memorial Day weekend were because of us. Old Navy passed on the word that their most loyal shopper was going to be out, on one of the last weekends her family would be all together before their hero daddy ships out, and they came out full force!

:::does the macarena:::

We got some great stuff, Jake loved being in the fabulous Mei-Tai carrier (fell asleep in it actually!), and Gary & I enjoyed being out, all leisurely like. Kind of like time stood still for us. We loved it! There's nothing worse right before a deployment than feeling like time is going by at mach speed.

Anywho, so Sunday we went to a BBQ. Our hosts have a little girl, 4 months. A few times when we've gone over there her and I have been matching. Totally coincidental! (Although, her dad did text me the day before this BBQ what she'd be wearing the next day as a joke. Except, I actually tried to find a yellow shirt to match her... No dice) But, I guess she's moved into the "stage" where she lifts up her shirts! I joked with him one time saying "But, that's how you make friends!" :D Him & his wife laughed, but I'm pretty sure they'll think twice when asking us to babysit when she's "of age" ;)

Later Sunday night, we had a friend come over. Paul was one of Gary's first friends when he came out to Campbell, and we love him. He's a great guy, but, unfortunately, moved away when he got out of the Army. It was great catching up with him, but, since he was over so late, Monday was a nothing day because we were pooped! Literally, nothing. I'd feed Jake & that was it. Can't even remember if I showered...

TUESDAY!!! This was Jake's first trip to the zoo, and it was amazing! He loves anything having to do with the outdoors! After I gave him a second skin of SPF467 and some California Bug Repellent, we put a good attack down on the zoo, jogging stroller in tow. Naturally, Jake ended up in the carrier, and we pushed the stroller housing a purse & diaper bag, but, you know how it goes...
Pointing out the Macaw. Jake LOVED hearing them "talk" to each other!

I wanted to share all the pictures we got, of us and the animals, but this post would never end!

Toward the end of our day, we stopped at a restaurant before leaving the zoo, and I fed Jake in a corner. A couple tables away, there was a 12-13 year old boy dying to know if what he thought was going on under the hooter hider really was going on! He stopped wondering when he saw Gary glaring at him!

At this point, we had been walking around a while. Can you tell? My hair is stuffed up inside the hat...the combination of sweat & sunscreen was just too sexy. Didn't want to make anyone jealous, so I had to hide it...

Soo cute in his Nashville Zoo hat! But, he looks like 15 here!

Lastly, this wasn't part of the actual weekend, but Gary's unit's Fun Day was Wednesday:

Daddy playing 3rd base, aka the "hot corner"

Enjoying the game ;)

Right before the football game

What sucks is that it was almost 90*, with about 175% humidity, so Jake and I watched from the car, with the A/C on!

Thanks for hangin' in there!!
Coming up next: pool time!!!


Erin said...

I am also Old Navy's #1 customer!! Glad you had an amazing weekend!

Mama Hen said...

These pictures are excellent! We love going to the zoo!! We have a membership, so we go a lot. It looks like you had such a great time!
Have a wonderful night!

Mama Hen

Maytina said...

LOL @ 'but that's how you make friends!'

The photos are all so sweet. I'm so glad you guys got to hang out and actually be relaxed. <3

Stephanie said...

thank you for my Hugs on my post... I will do my best it's just all a mess, and we are going on 18months of not seeing each other.

As for your post I absolutely love the pictures of Jake, he is such a handsome little guy.