Saturday, June 19, 2010


I don't care if this sounds premature....Jake is back!!!!!!

And, to think, I was THISCLOSE to dropping him off with the Duggars.

Now, I am going to chronicle our domination over Jake's possession, in bullet points, so you are better able to grasp the enormity of my happiness:

*first, we had almost 2 hours (sorry, madre, I made a was NOT only and hour and a half) of whine/scream free play

*next, we took a cat nap, TOGETHER, on mine & Gary's bed. It was effing fabulous

*After his early afternoon feeding, I put him down for a nap, AWAKE, and he slept for over an hour (even though he had no nap issues during this period of hell on earth, it's still nice to recognize)

*He woke up all birds circling his dome, ate a little while later...

and, now, for the finale....

*I've walked away from him, for various reasons (including cooking, and now eating, my own dinner!!!) FOUR TIMES. FOUR. F-O-U-R. without issue. No "oh. em. gee. I'm dying since I see my mama's backside"

And now? We're all shits and giggles over here. For REAL. He's sitting next to me, on the couch, as I eat my own dinner, laughing his hind quarters off at Looney Tunes.

My baby is back!! He's back to his easygoing, no whining/screaming, smiling self. This is the only way I've known him to be since we met....HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, so, yes, it was only a few days where he kicked it into overdrive, but seriously, i thought i was doing to die.

I am one happy mama! :D

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