Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Standing Room Only

Little Jake has started standing!! I can't even believe it!

The story of my demise goes like this:

Gary was napping on the couch and I was doing something down the hall, while holding Jake. He sees Gary (I think this kid lucked out & DID NOT get our eyesight!) and immediately lights up (I know...AWWWW!!). So, I take Jake over, and, on a whim, see if he'll stand at the side of the couch, using only his hand to prop him up on the edge of it. HE DOES! I start calmly waking up Gary to see his son do miraculous things shaking Gary's shoulder saying "LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOK LOOOOOOOKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Message received.

He's soo big!! We're so so proud of him!! But, I remember when he looked like this, all new and freshly baked:

We love you, Sweet Pea

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Erin said...

Awww he has the same kissable cheeks!!