Wednesday, June 2, 2010

These pictures are worth a million words...

I can't describe the utter elation I felt when I got the email of my photograph proofs last night. They were exactly what I wanted!! I wanted something of me & little Jake, to mark this age and, just as important, for Gary to have something special to take with him to Afghanistan. These, honestly, took my breath away!I know I posted these pics on FB, but I wanted to show them, again, with their respective back-stories...

((Oh, Lord, Cozette Winters, of Cozette Winters Photography, you're work is INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much, and I'll give you a shameless, free plug any day of the week!))

So, let's get to it:
This is one of the first pics we took. He LOVED Cozette, & loves a camera, but I think he wanted to share his thoughtful/model-esque side. Ya know the one; the one every 8 month old has!

Oh yes, he LOVES nature. He loves being outdoors, anything that is very, well...natural. This bench is in her yard, but in this gorgeous little area with tons of gorgeous plants & a great shade tree...perfect for outdoor photographs, as you can tell :)

He's soo big! :::tear:::

Those dimples are a force to be reckoned with! Cozette was amazing with him! She took Sophie & was squeezing her & making funny faces/sounds to entertain Jake. It worked!! Plus, I love how this picture makes him look all mischievous!

Just another of his great smile. Love this boy!

These are one of the moments caught in time I was looking for! We were posing him all over the place (& he was glad to oblige for his favorite photog!!) & Cozette, all of a sudden, told us to stop & for me to just "love on him" :)

We had this picture in color, too, but I think I like it more in black & white! The only real story behind this one I can come up with is that he had no problem looking at the camera, but wanted to give my necklace undivided attention, too! For all about-to-be mamas, or future ones, if you want to take photographs with your little tater tots, make sure they've seen what you're going to wear before! Pretty, new necklace & Jake was, to Jake, a lifelong friendship!

'Member when I first raved about the shoot with Cozette, & how there was one particular photograph wear J lost his balance, fell down & bonked his noodle? This was that scene. Except, he was sitting differently, but, this time, we made sure whatever caught his attention didn't catch him off guard where he's going to turn to fast to see it!

I love how sometimes a black & white picture says it all.

Not only do I love how it looks for aesthetic reasons( :D), but I love how natural it looks for him & I to be that close, to be in that position. I love that he's my little guy. I love that it looks like we belong.

This is another one of those moments where the instructions were to "love on him". Super difficult, right?? Hah! I love being that close to him. He's in my little "Jake nook" :)

Oh...and also?

I can't decide which one I like of this shot.... At the risk of sounding like a conceited turd, doesn't this look like one of those cards you get for Mother's Day where on the inside it says "For all you've done", or something to that effect? Do you like how I paint you a picture of specifics?? ;)

Looking at these pictures made me cry. Really. Gary & Jake were in Jake's room, getting Jake into a new diaper for bed, & I went in there crying (perhaps "tearing up with extra credit" better describes these tears). I was feeling beyond grateful at what Cozette did for us. I was soo thankful Gary had a selection of photographs to take to Afghanistan when he can't see, or hear from, us for a LONG time. I was looking at how my itty, bitty, teeny, bambini guy turned into this "big boy". I'm so proud of him I can hardly stand it. He's really an incredible little boy. Then, there's my husband. My husband, who gave Jake all his looks, who made this new life with me that we've watched grow & amaze us every day, who is doing an amazing job providing for us, who is loving me more than I ever thought possible, who is everything I never knew I wanted.

Anyone barf yet??

No? Good. Cuz I mean all that!
But, really, peeps...should any of you use Cozette (which you totally should! I mean, doiy, you just saw her work! :D ) purty please drop my name as your referral. I need 5 referrals & I get a big 'thank you'!

ps I ordered the pictures last night & they should be here Friday, Saturday at the latest! Seriously, there are no excuses to not use Cozette. Cozette Winters, that is. In case you didn't catch her name. Cozette Winters at

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