Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Those long summer days

We spent some time at a real pool yesterday!!!! It was soo amazing. The day was G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S, and the water felt like perfection. And, while I watched my husband play with our son in the water, I thanked God we completed our own predeployment checklist....and, kicked the crap out of it!

I covered every square inch of Jake's body in SPF 143, and mine (I mean, we only get one skin!),and put him in one of those hats I loathe....but they may start to grow on me, especially when this smile is beneath it:
You should know I dubbed Jake "Nemo" yesterday

I did, however, experience a moment where I was sure they'd revoke my parenting card. We were all playing in the water & I swore I thought I smelled a fresh turd. Let me be more specific, a fresh turd lacking the containment a parent hopes for. False alarm. Whew!

No. It wasn't dramatic. Thank you for asking. I just didn't want to see a water-logged turd float by when we weren't the only ones in the pool ;)
Getting back to non-crisis matters...
I wasn't able to introduce myself to the water in the cannonball-like fashion in which I am so accustomed because there were so many other kids around, but I think I managed to have a great time still!

Why the cowboy hat? Because awesome. That's why.

And, the important thing? As we drove away, Gary gushed about what a great time we had and how he'll hold that memory special to him in Afghanistan

Here's one more pic, of all 3 of us, because I am feeling all kinds of sentimental at this point in our week (hintedy hint hint...) and think it's a pretty cute picture!

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crazymom4x said...

Looks like you had the pool to yourselves. The pics are so natural and beautiful. Way to kick butt!