Tuesday, July 6, 2010

An Army of One

Ugh....I'm so cheesy.

Today, I had a little bit where "it" hit me pretty hard, so, once I regained my footing, I started thinking about the good side-effects that have come from having my husband yanked from my grasp (too much?), and not just from this particular deployment. And, I'm so thrilled to say we have so many to chose from ;)

*During deployment #2, I shoveled snow for the first time. 10 points for my chick-like lack of upper body strength & 10 points for being a California girl! The only snow we ever knew was the fake stuff on the slopes when we went snowboarding!

*I found I'm a damn good lawn-mower! This is something I also never did 'til I came out to good, ol' Kentucky! Should I not, eventually, be able to find a job with my degree, I am all over this back-up plan!

*THIS IS A BIG ONE: I no longer find it 110% necessary to kill bugs by drowning them in Clorox first. I, now, am a fly-swatter-wielding badass exterminator. My girlish shrieks at the first site of gross little bugs do not negate the fact that the bug does end up d-e-a-d.

*I am able to maintain a happy little boy, a house, 2 dogs, my sanity AND feed myself a meal or two during the day!

*I don't have to give up workouts because I'm, currently, the only parent in the house, which is FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC!! I've always loved a good sweat, but I love what it does for the mind :)

*I'm thankful I'm able to retain some positivity, some gratitude out of a piss-poor situation. I have a KICK-ASS support system, that reminds me what special kind o' thing me and the hubbers has over here, & that helps me to be able to be first grateful, and sad secondly.

I'd rather be terrified of grody bugs, & never have pushed a lawnmower, so that I can have my hubby back, but guess some growth never hurt anyone. (Can I just say how I love how this kind of positive crap is easy for me to say NOW. I contend, fair not that's~~any Friends fans in the house?)

Either way, I suppose now I'm all badass :::kissesthegunsjoedirtstyle::: Now, I'm a triple threat: Wife, mama, life-extraordinaire

Still, miss you, sweet pea....every day. I love you xxoo
Oh yes, make a stop by Erin's blog, I guest posted for her because I'm pretty much the end-all, be-all of cloth diapering. Plus, she's an effing hoot!

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WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Great way to think of it. You're doing an awesome job!!