Friday, July 2, 2010

Fawk You, Friday!!

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I know this is only the second time I'm taking part in such a worthy activity, but it still excites me! :D

*Fawk You, to those lacking proper social etiquette. As in, if you see a mama carrying her sleeping baby in a carrier and you WATCH her struggle FROM FOUR FEET AWAY to open a very heavy door, you deserve a big middle finger!

*Fawk You, Lee Brice. OK, I don't really mean that AT.ALL. I am completely over-the-moon for your "Love Like Crazy" song, but it always makes me cry thinkin' about a certain hunk o' man I'm blessed to call mine. Love you, baby

*Fawk You, nighttime. That's when the sting of deployment is especially strong. I'm not a fan.

*Fawk You, my intense desire for diet cokes, of the fountain variety, when my child is in bed and I can't go get any!

*Fawk You, ends of family visits. It was so fun having Guncle Kevin and Casey here! Then, poof, the week ends! Whiskey.Tango.Foxtrot?!

*Fawk You, motivation!! Jake & I logged 15 miles with the jogging stroller last week, and we're doing the same this week, and plan the same for all the weeks following. I want NOTHING more than to shlump on the couch, but it feels soo refreshing once we hit that pavement. It hurts so good. And, Jake loves it. WHEN CAN I BE LAZY?!?

Don't forget to take part in this very special day of the week, and thank J, over at Boobies, Babies, and a Blog for putting up one amazing icon!!

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