Friday, July 16, 2010

Help a mama out!

Next month I will be flying with our little guy out to California. Did you just nearly need a change of undies, too?! I'm nervous.

Here's my plan. I'm Charlie, you're the will help me beat the airport....

I made sure that on the way out there, as well as the way back, that we have connecting flights. There was no way I was going to try and have Jake cooped up on an airplane for 4-5 straight hours. So, I figured I did good on that, right? ;)

Next, my travel arrangements. I toyed with the idea of using a shuttle to get us to and from the airport, but I'd have to worry about a carseat on there, right? If so, that definitely puts it off my list. I thought it might help with being tired, not having to worry about parking, that kind of stuff. As far as in-airport traveling...I decided I'd use my mei-tai wrap, rather than the stroller. I decided this because I don't want to have to worry about pushing a stroller, while pulling my carryon. So, I'll have Jake strapped to my chest, pulling the carryon (which will, hopefully, be able to contain our clothes AND the diaper bag. But, I mean, summer clothes have, like, no material, so less space), and holding my purse. I see that as completely doable. Yep, holding him a while will get hard, but I think it's the easier choice.

My big, fat make-things-a-KISS (keep it simple, stupid!)-operation element to this plan is going back to disposables for the length of this trip. I mean, really, taking them means carrying them, keeping track of them in a "new" house, washing with certain detergent AND, having to wash again when we get home. No thanks. No, it's not terrible, but this is my first time traveling with a wee babe, and? I'M BY MYSELF, PEOPLE. So, that's the one thing I'm not really budging on. They'll be clean, and nicely folded in his drawer when we get back!

As far as TSA guidelines, I can bring breastmilk, if I choose to pump, but things like my prenatals, his iron supplement, etc., will be in clear bags, so that I can plop them onto the security belt. I'm not going to check any bags, but I don't plan on bringing anything through security that I can't have.

I've been told to help baby's ears pop, during take-off and landing, to give him juice, or just breastfeed him. I've had friends that didn't have any issues with that, but is there something I should do just in case?

We're flying Southwest. I have every intention of being one of the first ones on the plane, so I can have my pick of seats. I was thinking the very back. That way, if he gets fussy, I'm not in everyone's way, plus, people are so concerned with getting off the plane at lightning speeds, that I may get a row all to myself. Let's hope!

I'm not really one to make a big deal of things, just trying to make sure I'm not missing some crucial element I should be thinking about! Could y'all be a bunch of dears and take a second to leave me a tip? I'd be uber-grateful!


Erin said...

I don't think I told you yet, but I am flying with Cookie in a couple weeks. Terrified. I wrote a post asking for help back in April and people gave a lot of good suggestions if you want to take a look.

Maytina said...

I've never flown with my babies. I'm excited for you - and maybe a little nervous. Jake will be fine, I am sure. I have heard that breastfeeding works well because of the swallowing action!

romimoondi said...

I think you have thought of everything, and your perspective is wide in considering what's feasible to you and how others tend to will be fine, no need to change your undies! (except during the regular schedule of undie-changing, lol ;-) )

Me said...

I've flown 8 times with my son (who is now 16 mos). Granted all flights were about 1.5-2 hours in length so I don't have much advice for a long day of flights like yours.

Here is what I did with him:

1. Scheduled the flight for about an hour after naptime. This means he's really tired by the time we hit the plane. It makes for a miserable 20 minutes at the gate, but we get an hour long nap in on the plane.

2. Sit in the back of the plane so you get alot of engine noise. The noise is really loud back there but my son would fall asleep within minutes of takeoff. Try to get a non-aisle seat though because lots of people head back there for potty breaks.

3. There is a changing table in the bathroom. My son had an explosive poop the first time and I didn't see it and changed him on my lap. Poop went everywhere. The "table" is right above the toilet.

4. I always had a bottle of milk that I'd just pumped ready for him (so I wouldn't have to whip the boob out, he didn't like being covered while he ate and would whip it off) for take off and landing. A paci seemed to work just as well though.

5. For young babies, packs of peanuts/pretzels make great toys. The crinkly wrapping is "fun" to play with.

6. Since you're holding your child in your lap, bring along an mp3 player. Otherwise you just sit there while you fly because you're afraid to move in case he might wake up. It makes for a very long flight.

7. Don't be afraid to let other passengers help entertain him. My son loved peekaboo and he would "play" with other passengers. I was semi-embarassed at first and would be like "you don't have to do that" or distract him after a few minutes. But a happy baby on a flight means everyone is happy. And most people are just generally nice and want to help because they can't imagine flying with a baby on their own.

That's all I got. Good luck!