Thursday, July 8, 2010

How are we supposed to do this??

That movie, Changeling, has ruined me.

Seriously, it makes me want to NEVER let our kids out of our sight. NEVER. & this has never been me. I mean, I knew it'll be awkward when our kids first start going out by themselves, whether it be walking down the street to a friend's house, or taking the car for a gas fill-up, I can see how it would be weird at first. That little child, that needed you around at all times, is now of age, is now able to handle themselves without constant adult supervision. That's just a weird day.

But, Gary & I, in our many talks on various hypothetical parenting scenarios (hey, we were excited kids, with a kid on the way! We couldn't help ourselves!), covered autonomy (which, after that movie, I am now FIRMLY against). We came to the conclusion, which we knew wouldn't be exact until we actually lived that instance, that we'd trust the job we did raising our tots and let them do their thing, within reason-as always. We don't want them A) growing up wondering where the key to their shackles is hidden or B) want to just go completely crazy just to prove something to us.

Gary & I had fun in high school, we don't want to strip our kids of that. My parents were fairly good about that stuff, too. I remember, one time I came home after a football game, when I was a senior (I think), and my dad asked what I was doing. It was about 10pm, but there weren't any good parties going on, so I just headed home. He told me to go back out. I remember standing in the kitchen, staring at him. Is this a test? He really upped his numbers on my friends' scorecards that night!

Ok, back to the serious issue that is any of mine & Gary's offspring going out sans parents. No. That's all, just "No". Who doesn't love a rousing game of Taboo with the 'rents on a Saturday night? Good clean fun. (I'm a little nauseated, feeling for the kids that have to go through this).

I really don't wannnnaaa. This movie has effed with my awesome parenting mentality, and theories. When our kids come to me, saying their leaving for whoever's house, I will have to close my eyes and turn the other way. Maybe even put a finger in each ear and chant "la la la's" until I'm sure they're gone?? Give them a laundry list of chores to finish first, so that I can mentally prep?? Make them wash the car??

Oh, man, if any of these were true, my uterus should just close up shop, saving future children from borderline child suffocation.

I know it's going to be weird at first, and take a bit to get used to, but Gary & I will be fine. In about 11-12 years, when this really starts becoming an issue.

Until then? Autonomy can go suck an egg

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