Thursday, July 22, 2010


Got your attention?

As fun as it was to visit Crazytown (ie, those lovelies that earned their spots in the 2 posts below this one), I'd like to move on to much more crucial matters.

I'm elbow-deep in party planning for our little guy's birthday party next month, which, for the record, feels like it's about 3 days away with all the stuff I have to make sure to get!, which makes me think about what he's going to wear...which leads me to the phrase 'birthday suit'.

No, not because Jake will be streaking at his own party. Because, I'd love the opportunity to don my birthday suit. Ya know what I'd love more? The opportunity for a pregnancy "scare". We can't even have a hypothetical pregnancy "scare" via Skype, or the telephone (Lady Gaga in your head now, too??).

:::Before I continue, want some gossip? I'm on a couple different military wife groups on FB. Well, I hardly ever engage in their convos, but a few words of one reply caught my eye. A lady was saying how her husband was leaving for the sandbox, and how they both promised to stay faithful (Umm, that part not in the vows?), but he didn't, then she didn't. It completely caught me off guard that people are like this. Really? Doesn't marriage, or having any type of moral barometer, keep you from being a cheating turd? Do people really think like this? Really. I'm asking. Because, it beats the h-e double hockey sticks out of us that people think of faithfulness as a suggestion:::

Anyway, what really perpetuates the cycle of nudity-loving? A lot of my friends, and almost everyone I pass in KY/TN (it IS a military town, after all) is pregnant. I find this to be unfair. They're hitting me from both sides; side 1 being the fact that a birthday suit was, probably, involved to get the bun in the oven and side 2 being that I am definitely missing being pregnant.

I miss feeling all the kicks and squirms. I miss seeing the complete awe in Gary's eyes the first time he felt our little baby moving around. I miss how cute the baby bump is (until the end, when you're carrying 22in's of baby in there! Why, by the way, do people think the stomach is abnormally big?? Jake was 22in and 7.5 lbs...he needed room!). I miss ultrasounds. I miss the weekly conjecture as to what sex our tater tot is. I miss that feeling when you first find out you're pregnant. Something so tiny is in there, working so hard. I miss it, but, to make sure I don't start missing it too much I'll throw in this phrase:

I miss the nudity, too.


Daily Dose of Dahl said...

I don't get the mindset that faithfulness is an option in marriage either. What is THAT about?!? And I can't imagine if my husband was unfaithful that my being unfaithful would make me feel anything other than worse. I just don't get it.

Mama Hen said...

I really don't understand why people bother to get married if they are going to think that way. What about vows under God? There are too many people who do think this way though and it is probably one of the main reasons for divorce. But why get married and have children involved in such a mess? Have a great Sunday!

Mama Hen

The Chandlers said...

Hi, I'm Alena. I'm not pregnant.

Ok just wanted to get that out there.