Friday, July 16, 2010

Ode to a J-Bone

Jake has been growing like a weed. I can't stop him. Seriously, I've tried.

I'm so so proud of him! He's such a sweet little boy. On those days where the crying (mine) cannot be stopped, he'll stop whatever he's doing, look at me, and rest his hand on my cheek. This makes me cry more!

He stands ALL.THE.TIME. This is why I think he may skip crawling (I did; I was such a child prodigy). He's definitely like a fish out of water on the ground, but he plays games with himself while he's standing, which is almost always with the help of the coffee table:

*Game 1- How long can I chew on the coffee table before mama sees?
*Game 2- Can I pull myself back up every time I bend at the waist?
*Game 3- How long can I stand by myself when I let go of the table?
*Game 4- So, if I lean back, I can see the TV (upside down!) AND still hold my favorite table?
*Game 5- How many keys can I hit on the keyboard before mama stops me?

But, my favorite are the looks on his face while he's doing these different things. It's all new and soo exciting! His face lights up, which makes me melt into a puddle! Then, he looks at me, laughs, and throws himself onto me for cuddle time. Ok, I'm teary up right now even picturing it! Life could, certainly, be a lot worse.

I feel like I should just bullet the things he's been up to, but that seems so detached! So, here we go, in my sentences-means-love form... When we read books, he turns the pages for me! When I ask where one of the dogs is, he looks at the right one, which always blows me away! But, Hershey is his favorite. When he chews, he chews the the very front of his gums because that's where his 2 teeth are, and it's EFFING ADORABLE. He's quite skilled at holding, and drinking from his sippy cups. He listens to the phone when he hears daddy's voice, otherwise he tries to chew on it! He takes a nap in the middle of the day for an average of 2 hours!! He has specific parts of cartoons, on our Looney Tunes dvd, that he laughs at, and knows when they're coming! When I sing to him, he sings back <3, but only after I'm done. Really! He doesn't interrupt!

He does about 13 million more cute things, but I want to get to my favorite! If he's doing something silly, and we laugh, every time we look at each other after that we'll, simultaneously, laugh! It makes me feel all slushy inside!! His little sense of humor comes out more and more every day <3 I feel grateful, all the way into the pit of my belly, that I'm able to stay home with him.

To add to all the love spilling out of our house, I'M PLANNING HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!! Can you believe this?! Please tell me you remember that we're having an early 1st birthday party for him, in California, so that at his actual birthday we can celebrate it as just our family since Gary will be home on R&R!!

I just can't believe how quickly this year has gone by! And, I can't believe that I mutter super-cool things like "Where has time gone?!", but... I really want to know!

It's such an amazing and beautiful thing to see this great little boy grow up, to interact with him more, to learn more about who he is, but, at the same time, I miss his baby-ness. He used to be such an itty, bitty guy! &, I just can't wait 'til he becomes a big brother. That'll be such an incredible thing to see! Completely mind-bottling :)

Sometimes, I feel like the love I feel for this little boy is going to burst out of my chest! Especially when we're at the commissary, or somewhere were there's a lot of guys in uniform, he says hi to allll of them. This includes the guys that think they got their swagger goin' on. He smiles and waves and kicks his feet! It's so funny to see how they react. Their swagger gets turned off real quick!

He's total awesomesauce, and you west coasters get to meet him next month!!!!

You're so lucky.

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