Monday, July 12, 2010

Remember the Homecomings: part deux

Welcome to another round of remembering there is a pot of gold at the end of deployment!

Homecoming #2 is one I'll never forget, I mean other than for the obvious reasons!, there was some collateral damage that just couldn't be avoided.

Starting at the beginning...
As most of you know, when you're in that perfect moment where you get a phone call from overseas, you NEVER EVER divulge pertinent information. The lines could be tapped. As far as we go, we have code words/phrases where he can alert me to certain things going on without any evildoers becoming the wiser. (insert diabolical laughter) Seriously, we're good at it. We could totally be on Archer.

So, Gary calls and gives his code for we should be leaving to go to Kuwait soon, which is where all flights go out of to get back to the States. I am PUMPED. But, it's also kind of hard because every time the phone rings, you spring into action like a jungle cat, only to realize it's something lame like...anything that is not your husband.

But, I had to go get something fabulous to wear. And, this time? It HAD to be weather-appropriate. I would lose no appendages to weather-related illnesses.

So, I head over to Opry Mills. Unfortunately, it was going to be cold. Like, cold. We're talking November ('08) IN THE SOUTH. To put it in perspective, when you come inside, it would not be lamey to count your toes. Anywho, I get this very pretty purple top from SAKS; I already have my cute jeans, peacoat, and imitation Uggs (this was before I got real Uggs...thankfully, I had no idea what I was missing. I <3 my real Uggs). I wanted, soo badly, to wear some cute shoes, but 1) Cute shoes, generally, do not offer the warmth one needs (you'll understand why later) 2) There had been so much ice, I didn't want to wear some cute boots with heels and be the girl that slips in front of 200 people. &, once I see that beautiful, giant husband o'mine, you know I'm runnin'!

It's a few days later, pushing a week actually, and still no call saying they're actually in Kuwait. So, I call my mom & say how I just entered Suckville, probably something along the lines of woe is me. But, in my defense, not only were your hopes sky-high that it'd be sooner than later, you also start to worry a teeny bit when you know they're traveling, but you haven't heard anything. That can be a big crap salad.

Not FIVE MINUTES after her & I get off the phone, Gary calls & says they're in Kuwait. Oh, Lord, you should have heard me! As a matter of fact, the neighbors probably heard me (if you haven't gathered, from reading this blog, I am very excitable & do not like to stifle said excitement). Gary was already effing ecstatic, but was laughing his hiney off hearing my reaction. I remember, I was standing in the bathroom, upstairs, when he called . I danced a jig. Then? Called my mom and screamed into her ear that "HE'S IN KUWAIT HE'S IN KUWAIT HE'S IN KUWAIT...!!!!!!!!!!!!" Then? Called Gabby and screamed into her "HE'S COMING HOME HE'S COMING HOME HE'S COMING HOME....!!!!!!!!!!!" Can you guess what happened at school the next day??

Now? Yet another phone call to wait on! INJUSTICE! This phone call was to be from the FRG leader, telling us the exact dates and times of their arrival, when to show up at the buses (that would take us to the airfield), and general info I probably stopped listening to after I got dates/times).

It's the following morning & no call from the FRG. I'm sure the first thing on their agenda was make-Samantha-LaMay's-head-pop-off, than start making calls to family members. I'm pretty sure that's how it went.

Everyone at school kept asking "You know yet?" "No :(" Every time I passed someone in the hall (it was a collective excitement for me!) they'd ask. I thought "Shouldn't I know by now? Are they not telling people?!" OH.MY.GAH. I'm going crazy!!

I called my friend, the FRG leader at the time, that night & told her my quandry. I said "So, listen. I know when they were in Kuwait, but haven't gotten a phone call yet. Give me some info. I better not have just wasted a bikini wax". She laughs, & taunts me gross things about bikini waxes, but gives me no info. I real-life defriended her. That was just evil.

The next morning, I had a final for Abnormal Psychology. I walked into class, as people were slowly filing in & announce "Nope. He's NEVER coming home. Just thought you'd all like to know" People laugh because they've all been there they're mean.

As the scantrons are being passed out & Dr. Bonnington starts telling us how to take the final, my phone rings. I totally answer, in class, & miss the entire instructions on how to take the final! Eh, I'd figure it out.

It was the Rear-D commander telling me the specifics of their return!!!!!!!!! I was sooo excited. Then, my phone rang again in class, & it was my friend (evil bikini wax friend) making sure I got the call. She went to voicemail. She's evil, remember??

I call her when I got out of the final & re-taunt (totally a word) her that my bikini wax remained intact, so she can suck it. I'm the winner!

Word spread soo fast among that psychology building's walls! People were congratulating me, giving me inappropro looks (because they're all perverts) because my husband & I will be under the same roof, & and offering well-wishes. It was way too sweet :)

Call time for the next morning? 4 am. FOUR AM. F-O-U-R A-M. So this was my plan, which I, surprisingly, stuck to:
*8:30pm BED
*1:15 am Shower & get ready (minor straightening around the house)
*3:15 am Leave for busesBefore 8:30, I had to make my rounds of calls & text to friends. They HAD to share in our excitement! My mom, Gabby, & Alora even wanted texts when I got to the hangar :) Gotta love that!! What still surprises me is that when I went to bed at 8:30, I actually slept until the alarm went off at 1:15. My body must have known: it was go-time.

At 3:30am I was on a nice, heated bus, with my pretty purple top, with just enough cleavage, cute jeans, curled hair, warm tootsies, & peacoat cinched at the waist. I couldn't help but to tap my feet, hoping they wouldn't wait for the bus to fill up before taking us to the hangar. I'd rather wait in the bleachers than the parking lot!

We get to the hangar, after hours of waiting on the bus (ok, maybe 10 minutes. Whatev), & I claim my seat on the bleachers, the exact same as last time! I start chatting with the lady next to me, & her kid. We *noted* the women with blue legs. They just had to wear that on-the-short-side jean skirt, with giant, furry boots. This was even colder than last time. I was a few degrees from blue, in my green dress of the first time. It was a little warmer the first time, AND it was a later call time, so the sun was out. I narrowly escaped Smurfdom.

So, again we were getting announcements as to when the plane would land. Again, they went from 45 minutes away, to 15 in an instant. So, me and bikini-wax-evil friend and my other friend, the captain's wife head out there. We're all corralled into that tiny part of the fence, hoping we can get that centimeter closer to our soldiers, but, we're also, secretly, using this to keep warm. Seriously, an aerial view of us would probably reveal some major spooning.

Lynn, the captain's wife, who's done this about 117,000 times, spots the plan a lightyear away. I kept calling her bluff, but she saw it!!!if you enlarge this pic, you can see the stairs that are brought up to the plane for the soldiers to de-board

The rest is history :) Them walking through the hangar doors, in formation, me defying gravity to get to him....
It all resulted in this
Can't wait to do this again :)
Love you, babe. It'll be here before we know it!

Also? This post: dedicated to Kristen ;)

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