Saturday, July 3, 2010

You might be a douche lord if...

(puhlease tell me you read that in Jeff Foxworthy's voice)

Someone very close to me has been dealing with their fair share of horse hockey. This particular brand of horse hockey is being dealt verbally. As in, you can't have a differing view, or opinion, or favorite effing color without it being absolutely ridiculous.

I cannot wrap my head around this.

Of course, Gary & I have our thoughts and feelings about things, but we try to respect others' views because who are we to judge them for whatever it is they're doing? Who's to say what we're doing is the "right" thing? It's right for us, but not, necessarily, for anyone else.

I've been told my fair share of stories. People have divulged parts of their life to me that, not only, could you tell was extremely nerve-wracking for them, but that they felt soo much better for having gotten it off their chest. I love that. I love that so many of those close to me have come to me in their times of need and trusted me with issues close to their hearts. They felt they could trust me, and I'm honored they did.

Gary & I don't share the same views with everyone else, but we can safely say we've never been the people to make someone feel uncomfortable for viewing things a certain way. We're not ones to force our thoughts, or beliefs, onto someone. This is the kind of stuff someone close to me is dealing with.

The old childhood classics, such as if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, still ring true. There's a way in which to conduct yourself when you're not, exactly, seeing eye to eye with someone, and that way is not belittlement.

Do I think I'm going to change the world with my little PSA? Of course! DUH. Our blog is that powerful.

I just don't like seeing someone close to me feel soo uncomfortable because other people don't agree with them. This person deserves way more respect than that.

So, suck it, evil-doers!

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