Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well, hellooo there, dahlings! Long time no see! Didja miss me the way I missed y'all?! :-)

Because my dad called me one morning, after I had spent some time crumpled on the floor of our bedroom, like an old workout sock, crying my effing head off (I really know how to paint a picture, huh?!) from the joys of this effing deployment, my youngest brother, Colin, was sent out to the rescue!

And, rescue he did. He's 13, going on 30 14. He's also the youngest of 4, with 2 strong older brothers-that have no problem delivering a beating series of love-taps, and a sister that is bar-none (duh). This kid can hang with the best of 'em. Is anyone starting to form some ideas as to the individuality and beyond-his-years sarcasm/humor that must arise from this kid?!

Here are a few pieces of dialogue that particularly stand out to me:

Me-"Are you loving that you have Jake all to yourself?"

Colin- "YESSS!! That kid is
totes magotes awesome!"

[After going under an overpass]Colin-"If I was up there, I'd mess with people so bad. I'd throw water balloons on their windshields"
Me- "That's messed up!"

Colin- [very matter of factly] "Oh, Sam. You need to learn to live a little"

Me- "I can't believe I'll be in California in 2 weeks! If Casey's there, I hope she'll come out with me, Laura [cousin], and some friends!"
Colin- "Why? So you can drink margaritas and dirty dance?"

[Colin puts the Boppy, breastfeeding pillow, on his head]Me- "You look like Queen Amidala"

Colin- "What if I have 5 dolla's?"

This kid cracked me up from the minute he got here, to the minute he left! Ahh, to be 13!

I officially rock, though, as a sister/host. You should all be aware. We did all the things Colin wanted, such as hit the pool and try Gigi's, but I also made him good southern stuff; biscuits n' gravy, blueberry & chocolate chip muffins, bacon & eggs, chocolate chip pancakes... Poor kid. If he didn't know how to politely decline, I probably would have stuffed him 'til he looked like a weeble. I LOVE COOKING! Let's be clear. I love cooking, FOR OTHER PEOPLE.

Anywho, Colin & Jake were like peas and carrots. As soon as Jake saw Colin, in the airport, he got the biggest smile on his face and was kicking like crazy! From then on, they hardly left each others sides.Colin also became quite proficient in changing diapers, & dressing our little bebeh! Of course, I had to take care of the poo....

Colin- "Sam, can I change Jake's diaper?"
Me- "If you want"
[Colin opens a diaper to find poo]
Colin- "Grossss, Sam! Can you clean it up?"Me-"hmph. You suck at life"[Explosion is properly disposed of]
Colin-"Can I put the new diaper on? Now, it's my time to shine"

Guess I got the shitty end of the stick, again! Oh, man, I love a good pun!

We also got to the pool, where we narrowly escaped attacks from a dragonfly that had its own shadow.
My kid's hiney is badass

No pictures of the man-eating dragonfly, though. We didn't want to anger it.

In all honesty, it's getting difficult to recall everything we did, so I'm callin' it. I have so much to tell you, though! I'm only throwing in the towel for the night...don't worry :-)

All in all, it was a great break from the norm!! Thanks for coming, C-money!


Erin said...

LOL your 13 yr old brother told you to live a little!!

crazymom4x said...

definitely worth the wait!!

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

aww - your brother is so cute with your son! Glad you're back, girl!