Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A forever friend

Actually, I mean forever friendS, but I didn't think it rolled off the tongue in quite the same way...

There are 2 chickita bananas in my life that I think deserve shout-outs, some mad props if you will, for their amazing "being-there" power they've shown recently. Not to snub the rest of you lovelies who support me, and my family, in super-fab ways; we definitely appreciate it!

Well, I think I've, effectively, worked myself into a corner there, so I'm just going to get to it!

Amber, my dear friend, Amber. I could not love you more! We met in the 3rd grade; she was my first friend when we moved to the sprawling metropolis that is Hesperia, CA. We both had Mr. Holmes, at Juniper Elementary.

Post elementary/middle school, we, sort of, lost touch, like friends do sometimes. Just happens. But, we reconnected on FB, and she has proved to be just as reliable and sweet as she was when we had all sorts of intact innocence.

She'd send me FB messages that include sentences like this one: "I feel for you. You're so strong. You and Jake will beat this deployment", or texts that say "I was thinking about you today. You should know you're beautiful, smart, funny, and a great wife, and mama to Jake"

Seriously?! What kind of amazing person does this?? And, then? She says "no need to reply. Just letting you know some facts :)"


Not only are those words so incredibly sweet and heartfelt in their own right, she's a woman saying them to another woman. That's practically a Ripley's-worthy phenomena!

Anyone that knows me knows that the simplest, smallest gesture has a profound affect on me, so words like that? If I wasn't so touched she'd think to send me messages like that, I would have cried my eyes out!!

((When I sent you that message, saying "I love you like I did in the 3rd grade"....I really meant it!!))

My #2 nominee for the awesomesauce is my buddy, Erin. First, this is what she does for me:

My first Army Wife care package!!

I've always sent these to Gary during deployments, but I had never thought about receiving one! When I saw it in the mail box, I squealed!!! I was soo excited! And, it's not really about what the items are, even though they are bomb-diggity!, it's just about her taking the time out to send me such things!! Thank you again!!

But, Erin gets it. She's an Army Wife, too. She gets it when you hit a day where every other word NEEDS to be an f-bomb. Or the days where some sort of environmental cleanup needs to take place to handle your tears, she's been there. I appreciate her because I know she knows who I am, regardless if I have a bad day or not. She's a true friend; through thick and thin. Also? I have the sneaking suspicion I could have 8 days of so-many-tears-you-need-an-Ark-in-our-house, and she still wouldn't stray, or think I'm a freak show. Let's hope I don't cross that bridge (Ark, bridge, tears...oh man...PUN CITY) :-) I totally won't, but it's nice to know I could! ;-)

Anywho, girlies, I really am so thankful for what you've done for me! You be awesome.

Also? Erin,




That is all. My small way of giving back ;-)

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Erin said...

Awww, you are too sweet! Glad to know it was appreciated :)