Monday, August 9, 2010

I run a truck stop

While Colin was here this past week, I also got to play hostess to some of Gary's peeps, that I heart so much I think of them as mine anyway! They were passing through on a PCS'ing journey (I heard that "Aww", with the sadface, from all my military readers!); moving from California to North Carolina. Quite literally, coast to coast.

((Cousin Millie's living every girl's dream; living out of suitcase for two weeks....))

Roll call went like this: Gary's cousin, Millie, her husband, Joe (the Marine who's PCS'ing), their daughter, Madison, and her parents, Julie & Willis. I loved seeing a basketball team's worth of people walking through our front door!

Jake would have met everyone but Millie for the first time, but she called 'dibs'; therefore, creating a force-field around her & Jake in which no man could penetrate. He did find his way into Aunt Julie's arms, which he loved, but that was short-lived. Can you blame her? I mean, c'mon...
He is so comfortable with her <3
(Oh, and I'm also noticing how good I am at hanging pictures. I never measure, I just eyeball-it. Seriously, look at how straight that is)

with cousin Madison <3

I just love these people. Ya know how when certain people come into your house, you don't feel comfortable? Like, you, your house, your very existence is being judged?? (Also? I'd like to take a quick poll---how many of you answered yes to those last questions, with 'the judger' being your MIL? Just curious...) Well, that ain't the case with these people. I feel so comfy, like I see them every day. I'd like to compare them to your favorite pair of jeans, or the way it feels to stay home in warm 'jammies on a brisk Fall day. They hug, they talk, they inquire as to how your life is going! Even with Colin here, who they haven't been around very much, it was like they always had. They didn't ignore him, or shut him out. I just love them!

They brought some gifts for Jake and myself, but, since Aunt Julie wasn't sure what to get Colin, she gave him some money and a hug :-) I thought that was soo sweet! I think the best part of that gift was that she acknowledged him at all! He already liked all of 'em, but that little move really touched him :-)


We all headed out for a nice meal at thee southern staple: Cracker Barrel. Can I just say, again, how much I love them? Everyone was chatting, laughing, enjoying super tasty was a great time.

But, Madison and I are the ones that really know how to rock some socks:Be jealous...

Unfortunately, they had to get back on the road, but it was so nice to see you guys!!! Plus, it's nice when you don't see family all the time and they STILL give you the warm-fuzzies! Love you guys!!

Umm, M-dizzle, you're, officially, one state over. I feel we may see each other so much we'll actually get sick of each other!! But, won't. I'm a hoot.

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Mama Hen said...

It looks like a fun time. I know what you mean about when some people come into your home and you feel like they are judging you. It is always so nice to have people and simply enjoy! These pictures are great! Have a nice day!

Mama Hen