Friday, August 13, 2010

The Screamer

So, the other day Jake and I are at Target. Pretty much as soon as we walk in, we can hear this kid screaming. Not like "hey, mom. I'd like to show you that I really want this ___" It's like "I will scream my loudest scream EVAH, without pause, until you give me some attention"

When Jake first heard it, his eyes got all big and I could just see him thinking what is going on here?! I thought that it really sucks for the mama. No mama wants that! Occupational hazard, I suppose...

I was really feeling compassion for that mama. There she is, trying to pick up what she needs, and her kid's not having it. And, on top of everything, she's going to start getting the look from other customers.

But, after 10 minutes of that scream without a sighting of a mama abandoning her cart, pulling her hair out, and running out of the store, with her kid thrown over her shoulder, I began to wonder what exactly was going on?

Jake and I were in the card section, him sitting in the front of the cart. This mama with 2 daughters comes running over, cutting me off, to get to the lady standing nearby. I gather that this is the girls' grandma. The mama says "We have GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE. I can't take it anymore!" Then, she starts looking at me, to include me in their conversation.

I ask, "Is the mom not doing anything?" All 3 of them chime in "No! She's not doing anything, or saying anything. She's just!!" We gave each other that look. The one that say nuh-uh, not cool. If you had heard that degree of screaming, you'd wonder whiskey.tango.foxtrot., too! Then? They all, just about in unison, start talking to Jake "Ohh, you're such a good baby!!" Which, of course, he turns on that megawatt smile of his, "What's his name? Jake! Love it, what a good boy! Thank you for being such a good boy!!"

The mom further explains "It's not the kid I want to smack...It's the mother!" Which, I can understand. The kid, who had to be around 3, is only doing as much as they can get away with. It's not their fault....although, I wasn't harboring especially fuzzy feelings for him at that point!

We heard that scream almost the entire time we strolled through Target. And, to be clear, we were in no rush.

I think what bothers most, well...I know this is how we feel, a screaming baby doesn't bother us (although, it's not our favorite, either), it's when the parent(s) is doing absolutely nothing constructive to rectify the situation. Because, after a certain point, it becomes more rude to others, than it is just your problem!

It was hysterical, though, watching Jake give the side-eye, whenever we got close to "the screamer". Oh, the innocence, you just don't have to hide anything!

We definitely understand that you can't always "control" how your kid is going to act, but you can give it the old college-try.

Or, start handing out stiff drinks

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Wendy said...

I just about die when Caleb pitches a fit on me in public! I start thinking, "I am one of THOSE mothers!" But, I have enough sense to take him out or distract him.

I also despise going to a nice restaurant and seeing parents let their child go nuts and scream. I can understand it at McDonald's, but if I am at J. Alexander's, I don't want to see a little monster running around!