Monday, September 27, 2010

Jake Liam LaMay

Every child begins the world again....--Henry David Thoreau

At 1:47, on a Sunday afternoon, Jake Liam LaMay entered this world.

At 7lb 8.4oz, the first thing said about our newborn was "It's a boy!!", quickly followed by "Look at those dimples!!".

I looked up at Gary and, through my teary eyes, said "Congratulations".

Gary came down and kissed me right away, then took off like a flash to snap our baby boy's first pictures. I remember lying there, behind the screen, having the biggest grin on my face, too happy to cry. While rubbing my head, the anesthesiologist came down and whispered "I think he's happy it's a boy".

I laid there, knowing our lives had forever changed, knowing that the tiny life I created, with the man I love most in this world, was finally here.

A few minutes passed and Gary brought our little Jake over to meet me for the very first time. It was a quiet meeting. We stared directly into each other's eyes. I stroked his cheek with my finger.
The nurses had to take him, but our eyes were on each other the entire time, until the obstacles of the operating room separated us. Gary came down to me once again, we were holding hands, kisses me on the forehead and whispers "Babe, we have a son".

We kissed again. We hugged. We congratulated each other. We were in love, deeper with one another and with the newest member of our family.
Happy Birthday, Jake. We love you more than you'll ever know

Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Year Ago

One year ago, I was 38 weeks pregnant.

One year ago, I had just given in and gotten the epidural, since I was contracting nonstop and not dilating.

One year ago, I was holding Gary's hand and quietly breathing through the pain.

One year ago, Gary was telling me just how proud he was of me.

One year ago, we didn't know if we awaited a son, or a daughter.

One year ago, my doctor respected every wish of having labor go/happen naturally, and only broke my water when the situation called for it.

One year ago, my favorite nurse was calling me "baby girl".

One year ago, Gary sat in the recliner, by my bedside, and we looked at one another like we've never looked at one another before, in awe of what was before us and humbled by the love that brought us to that moment.

One year ago, one little person was about to change our lives forever.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let's light this candle!


We've picked up our soldier at the airport; this house is a home once again <3 Cuddles, day trips, dinners, movies...

Leave is finally here!!! :-)

See y'all in 2 weeks!

And, since I know you're dying to know.....the legs? Smooth as silk.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shut your mouth when you're talking to me

I uber dislike when the Army's all "Sure, you can go home on leave around that time! Have a great leave! :::hugs::: :::kisses:::"

So, I had an idea of when Gary would be on leave. Then, lo and behold, I got word that it was, most likely (<---key phrase), going to be sooner. "Yay!!!" I exclaimed in delight, as I fist pumped to the Heavens, and did the sprinkler.

So, I immediately started plotting this week's new course. I went grocery shopping on payday so that I'd be able to feed my husband no matter when he came in. I, practically, text 911 to my friend/hairdresser, Cristal, to see if we could get me in the day before my original appointment. I did the laundry, since my pretty clothes have to be ready. I washed diapers, so that I wouldn't have to worry about it once he got here.

Now? I'm pretty sure he's never coming.


I'm thinking it's a husband mirage.

Or, wait....epiphany time. Maybe it's my fault. I should have left the house as is, not that I went crazy cleaning (y'all already know that one) but I did straighten up, dirty diapers in the hamper and only my "house clothes" available for wear. Then he would have been home about 15 seconds after we got word it might be sooner than we had originally thought.

Good, ol' Murph dawg at work.

Ya know, Murphy's Law.

I'm just glad I hadn't shaved yet. Let me tell you, if smooth legs had come into the equation in preparation for him being here, right after the diapers and grocery shopping, and it went for nothing? I think my head would have popped off.

Not that I run around like a yeti or something, but shaved legs, in this context, would have screamed to me he's close!!!! And, I would have been all awesome, my legs will have company!!


So, now I'm getting close to needing to wash diapers again, and my airport-outfit is still hanging on the bathroom door, taunting me. I suppose now the plan is to do nothing ahead of time; just go about things as normal. Perhaps Murph-dizzle will start swinging the other way, in my favor?!


What am I doing?!

I'm getting all excited and optimistic again (which I like to refer to as my usual self). Eff. I've learned nothing! But, I can't help it. I just can't turn it off!

This is what I get for being all proactive. So, I'll sit here with my prickly legs, staring at my pretty outfit, letting diapers pile up just that little bit more. Until the phone rings. Then, it'll be anyone on planet Earth who is not my husband.

((did that speak to you, Murphy?? I really, really am thinking it'll just never happen. Go ahead. Show me otherwise. I dare you....))

So, until I hear to the contrary, Army? Go ahead and suck it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I finally get it

Remember how this month is like Christmas? Well, something has clicked for me.

Even though I have no itinerary for the hubs, I've been getting things crossed off the husband-is-almost-home-on-leave checklist. Last night, I cleaned up the house. Today, got my 'do did.

:::check and check:::

But, I had an epiphany when I was cleaning last night. At no point did I need to be on my hands & knees. At no point did I need to be scrubbing baseboards. I finally get it!

And, to be clear, I wasn't on hands & knees, or eye level with baseboards....but I have been before...

Every time Gary's come home, I've cleaned the house like the white-gloved inspector was coming by. I scrubbed, and washed, and shined. (In retrospect, I'm pretty impressed with myself...)

Now, we have a kid, and who the h-e double hockey sticks wants to be doing that? Every Army wife, with a deployed husband, (or any woman on planet Earth) is kept on the go during the day and wants to crash as soon as their kid's head hits the pillow. Really, I swear I come out of Jake's room some nights and there's a bright light shining down from the Heavens onto the couch. Really.

But, I finally get that when Gary always said "I don't care what the house looks like" he meant it.

He doesn't care if the house is in complete disarray, or if it looks like it's been cleaned by a housekeeper with OCD; he just wants to be here.

It was never like I actually thought he'd be upset if I hadn't scrubbed the paint off the walls, I knew he wouldn't, but I think that's just one of the ways I showed I cared he was going to be here. After all, all I had going on before was finishing up school. That 'A' test up on the 'fridge didn't really scream to me that it would have the same sentiment as cleaning up did

((yes, I totally put good grades up on our 'fridge. It made me feel precious and celebrated))

Having Jake has shown me beforehand, as opposed to realizing it once G-unit's here, is that we're the prize. It just seems all simple now, ya know? Probably because of this motherhood thing. It's a pretty big deal.

OK, to recap...

Groceries are in the 'fridge, outfit is hanging on the bedroom door, my 'do is did, laundry's done, and house is straightened....

Ring, phone. Ring!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Morning, dolls!

This blogger thing is officially making me want to run into traffic, so I'm going to be making some changes. I'm going to be changing the blog a bit, but, from what I understand, it'll be changes for me, not really for you. Except things may be prettier :-)

Of course, as I'm talking to two internet wizards, I realize that with Gary coming home soon nothing will be taking place in the immediate future, but I just wanted to put it out there!

And, I'm sorry to those of you whose comments aren't getting through. Believe me, it's making me nuts! Sometimes, blogger doesn't even want me to log-in. This is a complete travesty; I need to be able to chat it up with you lovelies!

Anywho, dahlings, hope you have a great day! And, if you have to go out on this gorgeous payday.....I wish you the best of luck!

....psst...another day down!!!!!! :::shakes fanny:::

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leave Eve

OK, it's not really the night before leave begins, even though that would be wicked awesome...wait, I couldn't even tell you if it was! OPSEC ruins all things fun and exciting. In the name of safety. Well, I guess it's not that bad then.

But, I, once again, digress...

It feels like Leave Eve! Every day I wake up thinking of the things I'll be doing to prep for hubby coming home, and it tickles me effing pink! Every day is a day closer. Every day it's a little harder to fall asleep. Of course, then I close my eyes and I'm out like a light, but it's a real shady 10-15 minutes....

I'm pretty sure Jake is feeling it, too! It's not at all uncommon for me to wake up because I hear him rolling around in his crib, talking to his wall letters. Melts.My.Heart. That lightheartedness, the sweet little voice....the boy has no clue that mama jumps out of bed, like a bat out of hell, running to draw a big, victorious "X" on yet another day passed, another day closer to picking up our soldier.

Even though Jake is the sweetest of little babes, there's something different about him, too. He be feelin' the love. His us' excitement is kicked up a notch. The only way I know to describe it is like when you're a kid on Christmas Eve. The excitement (we should start to tally just how many times I'll be using that word, and its various conjugations) is almost too much for you to bear. That's what he's like. And, it's really working out in this mama's favor; the boy? He slept from 7:45 last night until 10:15 this morning! I mean, it officially made my boobs on the verge of serious explosion, but it was a gift, nonetheless! And, I do nothing derogatory when that gift horse swings by...

I feel my fingers developing a serious case of "Ooh, look at the kitty" , so if I go off topic, once or twice, or stop typing altogether, or just combust all over the laptop, don't say you haven't been warned....

Yesterday was our Nashville day. It was the day devoted to finding a fab airport outfit, new makeup, and, if need be, accessories for the outfit. I had heard great things about Anthropologie, in Nashville, and their site DID NOT disappoint. Their line is gorgeous. I so love it. It's feminine, and classic, and just oh, so delish. However, in the store, nothing suited my fancy. NOT to say I wouldn't have bought up everything in there in a hot second, if I was on a casual shopping spree or had the dowry of a Greek goddess, but it didn't speak to me they way the outfit needs to . It needs to say I am your wife. I had your baby. We haven't seen each other for 3 months. TRY not to rip this meticulously planned outfit off at the airport...while holding our child. ('cause, eew..). And, that I look super fly, and all that, but ya know...

So, we walked out empty handed.

Jake & I walked down to a few other stores, and nothing really spoke to me. However, I was not disappointed. Ya see, I am a marathon shopper. I understand that I have a day devoted to this, and have planned it as such. I come with back up plans. Seriously, when it comes to shopping? I am a machine.

After I tried Anthropologie, and its neighboring stores, I headed to the actual Green Hills mall (after a stop by Whole Foods. Not because I'd ever cheat on my beloved Trader Joe's, but because I was hoping for some sort of country star sighting. No dice). Nothing inside Macy's, which is where I parked, so it's pretty much law that you have to peruse their merchandise. Then, I remembered Ann. To you, she may be Ann Taylor. But, me and Ann? We're old pals. She's where I found that gorgeous purple top I wore when Gary came back from the second deployment.

I have a sixth sense when it comes to matters of the shopping persuasion. I can do a quick glance and see if anything is really going to scream to me. I did the quick glance. I almost walked out, but my spidey senses were tingling. In the back left corner of the store, I found it. IT!! I tried "it" on, and danced around our little fitting room in delight! If you think I'm joking, we need to get to know one another a bit better.

I'm fighting every urge in my body to describe every part of the outfit to a T, but can't! Only 261 people at the airport will see it before my husband does! And, Erin, because she's helping me figure out which shoes to wear.

I mean, hello...these are my problems.

When the cashier was ringing me up I told her it was thee airport outfit, and (here's a teeny sneak peek...) if pearls would go with it. She was too sweet. She got all into it and was telling me how perfect the whole ensemble will look, and how I can dress it up and down, and wear such & such for holiday parties. We were all into it! Oh, yes, we landed that pearls will go perfect. They're the ones hubster got me for my first Mother's Day <3 They're not the typical strand of pearls; they're very subtly beautiful. Just don't want y'all to think I'm going to the airport in a formal gown!

:::puts prom dress back into the back-end of closet:::

So, the outfit solidified, we glided out of Ann's on a quest for makeup. As luck would have it, or as fate smiled down upon me (yep, that one's more appropriate), MAC was just a few doors down. The lady who helped got all into it, also! She looked at my Ann outfit, talked about my skin tone, asked what kind of eye I was going for...She was thee woman. Sadly, I couldn't say yes to her smoky eye because we're not sure what time he's coming in. As excited as I am, I refuse to wear a smoky eye when the time does not fall in the "PM" category! She worked me from every angle, though. We walked all around that store. And, y'all know me, we had a discussion about lingerie. I swear, that can come up in any conversation with me...

She loved Jake, she showed me how fabulous my new makeup looked on me, she was all excited...TRIFECTA.

We skipped out of MAC, and had the intention of having lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (aka, God's gift to yo' bellies), but Jake was falling asleep in the Mei Tai. So, like a baby, we headed out.

The day was a win. Effing victorious! Of course, there's still my shoe issue, but it's not that I have to get shoes; it's that I can't pick between two pairs. I know, "as if Gary cares". But, really? Like I could half-ass something like this! I haven't heard my husband's voice in 5 weeks. FIVE. WEEKS. Haven't seen him in 3 months. This is our 3rd deployment. I know how to do this right! Plus, it's my party, and I'll go cross-eyed on my shoe decision if I want to! :-)

All we have left is grocery shopping and to get my 'do did. Then, bring it, leave. BRING IT!!!

Oh, peeps....on a very real note. I can barely handle how excited I am. I cannot describe the love I feel exploding from within me to see Gary hold his son; to see them interact. Gary's going to be astonished at how much Jake has grown in the past few months. I want to cry, happy tears!

And, as much as I know that blasted Blogger probably won't let y'all interact with me, via comments (go ahead and try anyhow!), I really appreciate your support, and the fact that you're excited, too. Thank you! It means so much!

You guys, he's almost here!!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We will never forget

I was 16, a Junior in high school. I was listening to the radio in my room as I got ready for school when the song cutout to announce the first tower had been hit. I was only half listening, too wrapped up in last minute before school prep to really listen.

Needless to say, I did not grasp the severity of it. At all.

It wasn't until I got to school, and saw news coverage that I realized the tragedy that was unfolding before us. I was in Mr. Pontier's Psychology class, my last class right before lunch, when I first saw the devastation taking place. We took the whole class hour to watch what was going on on the TV in our room. It was so surreal. The awful things happening couldn't be real. Who would do something like this?


The tragedy of that day changed life as we knew it, but, could you imagine being a family directly involved with 9/11? Could you imagine dropping your husband, wife, kids, brother, sister, neighbor, your best friend off at the airport that day? Then, could you imagine being a soldier on that day, and the years to come? One day brought such a dramatic change to all walks of life.

I feel like there's something poetic to be said about this day, but, if it's out there, I have no clue where it is. I imagine that all we can do is reflect. We can mourn those lost, pray for those "left behind", and thank those willing to serve this country today.

What happened to our nation will always be an awful, terrible loss, but I hope there can be pride found in being an American, in coming together to support one another, in realizing that it affects us all in different ways. We're all in this together.

New York will never be the same. We will never be the same. After that day, nothing can be the same.


We will never forgetI am so, so proud to be an American.

Although, our condolences, thoughts, & prayers don't bring anyone back, or bring our soldiers home, it matters. It matters that we are supporting our fellow Americans. It matters.

Thank you, sincerely, to all our troops for doing what their doing. They're heroes.

Thank you to all those getting ready to enlist. They're heroes.

Thank you to my husband, who is supporting his family in the bravest of ways. I love you.

Where were you that day?

Not to steal from the sincerity of this post, I mean it from the bottom of my heart, but I just wanted to let y'all know that my comments on the blog are all messed up. Some get through, some don't. So, if you're trying to leave a comment and don't see it published, it's because blogger decided I didn't need to see it! Please don't stop leaving those comments, I love hearing from you!! Hopefully it's fixed soon.

Have a great day, my fellow Americans

Friday, September 10, 2010

If you don't have anything nice to say...

This old adage still rings true. Unfortunately, a friend of mine ran into some people who don't believe this.

My friend, Whitney--who is sweet as pie, was recently berated for something we all want: Her husband is not currently deployed. Some classless, petty, complete POS people--if I'm completely honest, had the audacity to tell her that her husband is not a real soldier because he is not deployed.

When Whitney told me this, so many emotions ran through me. Who are these women to say such things? Whitney's husband is serving the country. There was no draft. He signed on the dotted line of his own free will. Not to mention, he LOVES his job. The Army is where he wants to be. He takes pride in it.

As hurtful as the words that passed through the lips of those women can be, to me, it's about the fact that they were trying to knock Whitney down a peg, all the while calling themselves "friends". Sorry, but, in my book, friends don't act this way.

OK, say you agree with their statement? I can hardly imagine a scenario where it's acceptable to say those things to the wife of the man in question. If someone had said that about my husband? I'd cut a bitch. And, I know Whitney wanted to!

How does their statement even make sense? So, the day my husband steps off the plane, in redeployment, that means he clocks out as a "true soldier"? Umm, no. Because what do they do between deployments?? PREP FOR THE NEXT ONE.

Some people are unbelievable. I still can't believe these women went after Whitney and her husband maliciously. It wasn't a simple difference of opinion that someone had big enough ovaries to say aloud. The words were intended to sting. And, that is ridiculous.

I have been thinking, and actually vocalized this with someone recently who feels the same, that there would be a lot more camaraderie when we moved on post. Total Army Wives style. But, people just kind of stick to their own thing, which I can understand--not trying to knock it, but finding those Army wives you click with is not guaranteed simply because your husband is a soldier. I know a couple people that have needed to unload on me, and I was happy to be their for them, but then hightail it out of there when the situation is reversed. Erin and I like to refer to them as "friendship bootycalls". Either way, you find people where the caring is reciprocal and you're eternally grateful for them. I know, I wouldn't trade those people for anything.

I talked about this situation with Erin, knower of pretty much all things :-), and she brought up a good point; If Whitney's husband were evading deployment, in the same way those awful soldiers who go out and get pregnant just so that they can escape The Sandbox, yes, he would earn a bad word or two toward him. But, he's not. He simply hasn't come up on orders.

((GOSSIP ALERT: When Gary was getting ready for deployment #2, some awful excuse for a human being, who happened to be a soldier, proudly proclaimed that she would go out and get pregnant by whomever she chose, than "get rid of it" after everyone had left for Iraq. She was evading Iraq. She's also, apparently, an idiot because she said that in front of people with rank. I'm not sure how that situation panned out, but those are the type of people I'm talking about when I say "awful"))

As much as it lit my fire for Whitney and her husband to have to be subjected to those kinds of words, I guess we'll all run into people like that on occasion. The type of people that have to drag someone else down to build up their own ego. It's so unfortunate. And, whomever's on the receiving end of those words will take a couple minutes to gather themselves, maybe shed a tear or two that someone tried to bring them down, but will get back up. We all do. We all survive momentary brushes with ugliness.

Whitney knows she has good people around her. She doesn't let undeserving people take up too much of her time. I'm so proud of her for that. Encountering disappointment is sad, but we all rise up from it. We dust off our knees and learn a lesson from where we just were.

Just because things aren't what we has envisioned, or assumed, doesn't mean they're not good for us. We find good elsewhere :-)

But, really, people....if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything AT ALL.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Procreation Station

Also known as leave.

Leave is SO SOON (!!!!!!!!!!), and one statement has trickled into my mind, and harassed me: "I just want to make it 'til Jake turns one year. If we got pregnant then, it wouldn't be so bad. But, I just want to make it to that year"

Umm, past-Samantha? Did you not realize that, at one point---12 months after birth to be exact, you'd be at this "one year" you speak of, and might find these words a tad daunting?

Now that leave is right around the corner, those words are flashing in my mind like a neon liquor store sign. I'm still breastfeeding, although weaning does start in a few weeks, so birth control options are very, very limited to me. I've never had an overabundant supply, so I wasn't going to mess with what I had! It was important to the both of us that Jake was breastfed; and he has had exactly the amount he needs for almost one year.

Well, we've made it to the year mark.

Holy crap.

I find myself wondering what if it happens?? I guess the only way to address that is to realize that whatever's going to happen is going to happen (how's that for some deep thinking?). We've always been ok with that. We certainly wouldn't be upset. It would be very exciting!, but Gary and I want to be in the same country during all my pregnancies.

That's a way weird request.

During all our leaves (I feel like that should be pluralized to 'leavi' or something...), we've acquired some R&R beliefs:

We believe in...

long walks

ice cream cones

dinner & movie dates

and, oh yah, not abstaining

Soo, we'll see what happens! And, I'll make a note to not make any more Nostradamus-like remarks.

Or, I'll be pulling a Ross and giving the president of the condom company an earful.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mousegate 2010

I am a prisoner in my own house.

I don't use "we" because I don't think Jake gives 2 shakes about what creature skidaddles across our floor.

It begins like this...

It was this past Monday. I could have sworn it happened at night, but my SOS texts to my mom, and various friends, prove that it happened during the daytime.

Jake was sleeping and I was sitting on the couch, enjoying me some Glee, and I see something crawl across the floor, near our front door, and it was HUGE. Not in like the there's a bug, woe is me kind of way. It was huge. And, I've heard from friends that ginormous spiders are not uncommon in the South. I mean, bugs out here? Pretty sure they're on the juice.

I was so freaked out I didn't even move. I had 2 thoughts in my head: 1--[If that's a spider] my obituary will read 'death by spider attack' 2--I don't know how to feel since I don't know what I'm dealing with!

My last two semesters of college, we had to conduct experiments on rats. Not like Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but, actually, kind of cute little rats. They were brown and white, and pretty nice (I learned how to handle them from a girl I dubbed, and referred to her as, "The Rat Whisperer"). If this were a mouse it wouldn't bother me as much. They're timid little things.

But, a spider? I shudder. I've recently grown a pair of huevos in realizing that I have to defend our kingdom from multi-legged intruders, since hubby's not around. But, I'd still categorize myself a rookie in these ventures.


If this really is a spider, it could probably fit into Jake's newborn-sized 'jammies (perhaps a slight exaggeration. slight).

I know I have to deal with it, and there's no way around it and [I'm still thinking it's a spider. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, right?!] I can't let some gross little thing crawl where my kid is getting ready to walk.

So, after what seemed like a year of just standing up from the couch (since this was an accomplishment in itself), I s-l-o-w-l-y start walking down the hallway, where our terrorizer had headed.

Hallway closet: check

Bathroom: check

Our room: check

Those are the only places I check at the time because those are the only places I had the guts to check! I was shaken, to say the least. If it was a spider, HUGE; if it was a mouse, pretty average.

The unknown is terrifying.

So, I don't see it anywhere. I'm back to the living room, and see it again! It heads back across the front door area. I think I see it go into another closet. Naturally, I line the bottom of the door with 2 towels, held in place by our heavier glass bowls. I applaud my stronghold, and head to Target.

I come back with that pebble-y mouse/rat bait, and stare at the closet door.

It is my Everest.

After some mental prep, which took 'til Tuesday to get, I lift the towels, and push the tray of bait under the door with a potato masher.

All that was left was to check on the tray the next day.

Well, today, I saw something skidaddle across the floor near the front door. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot?!

I either have 2 of "them", or trapped absolutely nothing in the closet. When Kristen came over to help out, we found the latter to be true.

We checked EVERYWHERE, and this little a-hole is NOWHERE to be found.


Seriously, we checked under the bed, under the dresser, under the nightstands, the laundry room, the infamous closet, under the couches, entertainment center, and end tables.

It is nowhere.

And, it's started to piss me off. Which really works in my favor, because I'm now longer scared of what this thing is.

I want to kill the bastard.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The good ol' days

Since I haven't spent much time on the phone these days, I've been thinking about all the times I came out to Campbell to visit my G-unit. We had so many fun times out here! There's one, in particular, I'd like to share with y'all...

Caught in the Act….sorta

When my husband, then fiancĂ©, was first stationed in Kentucky we, as a couple Californians, began plotting our cross-country travels. He’d come back every time leave dates popped up; I’d work, basically, just to save up vacation days and funds for plane tickets.

I was still in college at the time and, luckily, worked it out where I’d be able to visit him weeks at a time. I’d go out for long weekends, between my Thursday afternoon class and Monday morning class. I’d take a semester of all online courses. I’d go out for THREE WHOLE WEEKS (aka, eternity as far as the military is concerned!) at a time. At one point, between 2 months, I was out in Kentucky for a total of 6 weeks! We really knew how to work a calendar.

Also? Began considering careers as travel agents.

But, no matter how much we planned, funds would still run out. I know, I know, “But soldiers just make so much money. Where did y’all spend it all?! [everyone? I am dripping in sarcasm] So, we’d have to become creative where we’d stay. The barracks is off limit to non-military peeps. Weeks at a time at the Holiday Inn got expensive. I couldn’t stay in Army Lodging because we weren’t married yet.

What the eff are a couple of kids to do??

We had stayed in a less-than-desirable hotel one night when, Gary comes back from PT saying there was a barracks inspection that morning, so we’re clear to save a bit of moola and stay in his barracks room tonight, since the odds of another inspection are slim to none. Yes, he had a roommate. No, we didn’t care. It’s not like, through our years of dating, we hadn’t learned how to be stealthy and imaginative!

I guess the “rule” of the barracks was that a girlfriend could stop by, for a short time, during business hours, but that was about it. Since we needed to get me up to his room undetected (so that they wouldn’t expect me to come walking back out after a little bit), Gary and I had to time it where we could sashay past the room where 2 soldiers were on duty, and get up to his room on the 3rd floor.

Those soldiers should have paid more attention.

Anyway, so we spend the night there, and Gary kisses me in the morning and heads off to PT. As for me? I’m back to sleep. 5 am is way too early!

Next thing I know, that big, heavy barracks door to his room slams shut, and Gary comes running in saying “we’re having a barracks inspection. We need to hide you”


I was freaking out.

“Should I hide in the shower? The bathroom? Should I run out to the car? Wait…I don’t have time to get dressed to run out to the car….What do I dooo?!”

Gary was being level-headed, moving quickly, but level-headed nonetheless. I was terrified of getting him into trouble. I could just envision them finding me and sentencing him to weekend duty detail for the rest of time.

Next came 3 knocks at the door.

Gary quickly wrapped me in an ACU top and helped me into his closet.

There I was. Sitting in a corner of a dark closet. Wrapped in camo. Gear strategically placed over me.


I mean, I’d have to stay silent, not move, AND save myself from, what I was sure would be, a near-death experience.

[Spiders are NOT my favorite]

So, spider-fears aside. I’m under a mountain of gear when I hear his sergeant coming in, checking things out. I hear him go into their bathroom, check a few cabinets of the kitchenette, talk about a few things that need cleaning up.

Then, 2 curious shoes stop in front of the closet.

My heart was racing.

My spider fears were no more.

Thanks to yoga, I was able to bend myself to a quite small position.


The shoes left. I unclenched. But, I would not move until Gary came and got me.

He came for me, and I got ready. Again, we had to sneak me out [naturally I was wearing a pink skirt, ya know, real inconspicuous-like]. But, we did so successfully. While pleading with soldiers we passed in the halls to keep their mouths shut.

For the rest of the day, I drove around post while Gary was at work.

And, from then on, we spent money on hotel rooms.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I get jealous

As an Army wife, I'm so so aware that everyone goes through their ups and downs with communication during deployment. That being said, "communication" can go suck an egg, and I'm still jealous.

My little heart went pitter-pat the first time I got a FB message from my hubalub, especially seeing as how we weren't supposed to hear from him at all during this deployment. Thanks, Afghanistan...go ahead and join in on the egg sucking.

It became relatively routine messages going back and forth and I'd squeal in delight every morning I sat down to nurse J-Bone and opened the laptop to find a surprise full of little sweet nothings. I'd even get phone calls in the once-a-week-to-once-every-other-week range. Happiness.

Now, the situation has changed and I get short little emails (which I STILL thank my lucky stars for), but haven't heard his voice in 3 weeks and 3 days. But who's counting?! Oh, that's right, ME.

I feel jealous that I've heard people say "Oh, we Skype every day" or "He calls every few days" or....whatever else is something we don't get to do.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally happy those couples get to talk, but I'd be happier if it were us! How's that for honesty?! :-) Really, we know you guys deserve it, but, it's during those lulls where I keep telling myself "it's ok", but I'm really trying to keep my shit together.

But, even though I know I won't be getting calls, or FB messages, I still try to carry on my routine as if I did. When Jake and I head out for our morning workout, my phone is in the stroller's cup holder, on loud. I leave FB up all day, just in case he can pop up on that little instant messenger. I jump every time the phone rings.

Here's where I interject my own little crap salad to tell you a story to lift your spirits:
I had been drinking a ton of water this particular day, so, naturally, I let myself get to the point where I'm about to explode, then decide to do my business. Well, the bouncy seat is nearby so I put J in there and ....ya know. Wouldn't you know it, the phone rings. So, OF COURSE, I stop what I'm doing, hop over the bouncy seat and run down the hall, little pj shorts at my ankles, and lunge for the phone.

It was a telemarketer.

I don't like having to admit I won't get to speak to my hubby, but maybe it'll make the days go faster? Or make our jogs more productive? I hear hubby-mirages are quite the motivators.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jake's FIRST Birthday Party!!

It was so so much fun!! Thank you to everyone who came out and shared a part of that special day!!

I don't even know where to begin! Jake's party was exactly what I wanted it to be. He got to meet people who anticipated his arrival for so long, and he loved it!

At first, he was kind of like Umm, not so much a fan of this being passed like a hot potato thing, but, he kind of just sank it into it and made rounds to, hopefully, everyone! That was the super hard part (which, to all mamas planning their babe's first birthday party, here are 2 pieces of advice: 1) it goes by in a flash! So stay very aware! 2) it's borderline impossible to have a meaningful conversation with don't feel bad! Even though I did!)...especially since we had the party in another state, with people we rarely get to see. I wanted to sit down and thank people for coming, and have a nice little chat, & even make sure they got to hold Jake, but you get swept up in all the business of catching up with loved ones, that time flies by without even realizing it! I was reassured that people "get it", that people understand how a first birthday party goes, just know how appreciative we are that y'all came out!!

This party was exactly what I hoped it would be! It was a ton of people we love, hanging out, eating, chatting it up....just enjoying a nice Saturday afternoon. That's all this mama asked for :-)

Are you thinking "Just get to the pictures already!"

OK, OK...

We had to substitute a banner for balloons as the international symbol for party over herree!!
(Any Family Guy fans?!)

Our baby boy through his first year!


Jake's first birthday cake!!

I love how these cupcakes turned out!

By far, my favorite decoration!

The Birthday Boy!!!!!

"The party don't start 'til I walk in"
I nearly peed myself when I personalized that! :-)

"Happy birthday to you..."!!
I LOVED that everyone was really into singing for him! It was such a big crowd and it made my heart explode that everyone sang for him <3

Traditional first bite!

...which ended up like this! And, why yes, that IS icing in his eyelashes.

Our baby boy had a great day! Thank you all so much!! <3

Oh. My. GAH. we almost have a toddler on our hands!!!

I won't cry, I won't cry, I won't cry....

Christmas in September


And everyone will know about it!

I've already plotted my trip to Nashville, in which the Green Hills Mall will be taking some of our green on a fabulous I-have-to-look-hot-for-my-hubby ensemble, am so looking forward to grocery shopping to make Gary's favorite meals, will soon make my appointment to touch up the 'do....


I want to say that I hope the days fly by, but Jake, kind of, guarantees that one! I also want to go shopping time now...but that doesn't make the days go by any faster (and that is so lame). I do know our runs have a strong possibility of turning into skips or prances, though! Speaking of, I need to go run off some of this energy! Or peruse clothing online....whichev.

OK, but are we thinking Jake & I should surprise Gary at his gate? I'd love to know what people think! The first deployment, I waited for him to come out--because it never dawned on me to do anything else!--, but than ran up and jumped into his arms! Aww, I love it! Everyone was applauding!! During the second deployment, he surprised me with a call that he was in Nashville, so he had to wait for me to get ready! I got in my adorable outfit and drove like a bat out of hell! He was standing outside the airport, talking to a man waiting for his ride. He told me later that once he saw me come up the escalator he told the man "Excuse me. I have to go say hi to my wife". Again, I ran <3 And, again, I jumped into his arms <3 As if I could just leisurely walk up?! No no, friends. Impossible. I've never really had complete control over my excitement, especially when it involves SEEING MY HUBBY!!!!

Oh, man....I'm a little twitchy.

Don't forget to go show my friend, Erin, some love. Her hubby's just around the corner, too!!!!