Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Christmas in September


And everyone will know about it!

I've already plotted my trip to Nashville, in which the Green Hills Mall will be taking some of our green on a fabulous I-have-to-look-hot-for-my-hubby ensemble, am so looking forward to grocery shopping to make Gary's favorite meals, will soon make my appointment to touch up the 'do....


I want to say that I hope the days fly by, but Jake, kind of, guarantees that one! I also want to go shopping time now...but that doesn't make the days go by any faster (and that is so lame). I do know our runs have a strong possibility of turning into skips or prances, though! Speaking of, I need to go run off some of this energy! Or peruse clothing online....whichev.

OK, but are we thinking Jake & I should surprise Gary at his gate? I'd love to know what people think! The first deployment, I waited for him to come out--because it never dawned on me to do anything else!--, but than ran up and jumped into his arms! Aww, I love it! Everyone was applauding!! During the second deployment, he surprised me with a call that he was in Nashville, so he had to wait for me to get ready! I got in my adorable outfit and drove like a bat out of hell! He was standing outside the airport, talking to a man waiting for his ride. He told me later that once he saw me come up the escalator he told the man "Excuse me. I have to go say hi to my wife". Again, I ran <3 And, again, I jumped into his arms <3 As if I could just leisurely walk up?! No no, friends. Impossible. I've never really had complete control over my excitement, especially when it involves SEEING MY HUBBY!!!!

Oh, man....I'm a little twitchy.

Don't forget to go show my friend, Erin, some love. Her hubby's just around the corner, too!!!!

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Ethan & Clayden's mommy said...

Well congrats to your friends husband coming home soon! Have fun Erin! :) Green Hills is awesome first of all but I am sure you knew that already. So what are his favorite meals? I think they should let you guys go all the way down to the gate and wait for him when he comes home. Beg them! lol. First of all. How dare you make that poor man wait at the airport so you can get pretty. So from now on you just have to wake up super early when the time comes close to him coming home and start planning ahead. No procrastinating lady!