Thursday, September 16, 2010

I finally get it

Remember how this month is like Christmas? Well, something has clicked for me.

Even though I have no itinerary for the hubs, I've been getting things crossed off the husband-is-almost-home-on-leave checklist. Last night, I cleaned up the house. Today, got my 'do did.

:::check and check:::

But, I had an epiphany when I was cleaning last night. At no point did I need to be on my hands & knees. At no point did I need to be scrubbing baseboards. I finally get it!

And, to be clear, I wasn't on hands & knees, or eye level with baseboards....but I have been before...

Every time Gary's come home, I've cleaned the house like the white-gloved inspector was coming by. I scrubbed, and washed, and shined. (In retrospect, I'm pretty impressed with myself...)

Now, we have a kid, and who the h-e double hockey sticks wants to be doing that? Every Army wife, with a deployed husband, (or any woman on planet Earth) is kept on the go during the day and wants to crash as soon as their kid's head hits the pillow. Really, I swear I come out of Jake's room some nights and there's a bright light shining down from the Heavens onto the couch. Really.

But, I finally get that when Gary always said "I don't care what the house looks like" he meant it.

He doesn't care if the house is in complete disarray, or if it looks like it's been cleaned by a housekeeper with OCD; he just wants to be here.

It was never like I actually thought he'd be upset if I hadn't scrubbed the paint off the walls, I knew he wouldn't, but I think that's just one of the ways I showed I cared he was going to be here. After all, all I had going on before was finishing up school. That 'A' test up on the 'fridge didn't really scream to me that it would have the same sentiment as cleaning up did

((yes, I totally put good grades up on our 'fridge. It made me feel precious and celebrated))

Having Jake has shown me beforehand, as opposed to realizing it once G-unit's here, is that we're the prize. It just seems all simple now, ya know? Probably because of this motherhood thing. It's a pretty big deal.

OK, to recap...

Groceries are in the 'fridge, outfit is hanging on the bedroom door, my 'do is did, laundry's done, and house is straightened....

Ring, phone. Ring!!

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Christian said...

it must be much sooner than i thought! im so excited for you!!!! :D