Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Leave Eve

OK, it's not really the night before leave begins, even though that would be wicked awesome...wait, I couldn't even tell you if it was! OPSEC ruins all things fun and exciting. In the name of safety. Well, I guess it's not that bad then.

But, I, once again, digress...

It feels like Leave Eve! Every day I wake up thinking of the things I'll be doing to prep for hubby coming home, and it tickles me effing pink! Every day is a day closer. Every day it's a little harder to fall asleep. Of course, then I close my eyes and I'm out like a light, but it's a real shady 10-15 minutes....

I'm pretty sure Jake is feeling it, too! It's not at all uncommon for me to wake up because I hear him rolling around in his crib, talking to his wall letters. Melts.My.Heart. That lightheartedness, the sweet little voice....the boy has no clue that mama jumps out of bed, like a bat out of hell, running to draw a big, victorious "X" on yet another day passed, another day closer to picking up our soldier.

Even though Jake is the sweetest of little babes, there's something different about him, too. He be feelin' the love. His us' excitement is kicked up a notch. The only way I know to describe it is like when you're a kid on Christmas Eve. The excitement (we should start to tally just how many times I'll be using that word, and its various conjugations) is almost too much for you to bear. That's what he's like. And, it's really working out in this mama's favor; the boy? He slept from 7:45 last night until 10:15 this morning! I mean, it officially made my boobs on the verge of serious explosion, but it was a gift, nonetheless! And, I do nothing derogatory when that gift horse swings by...

I feel my fingers developing a serious case of "Ooh, look at the kitty" , so if I go off topic, once or twice, or stop typing altogether, or just combust all over the laptop, don't say you haven't been warned....

Yesterday was our Nashville day. It was the day devoted to finding a fab airport outfit, new makeup, and, if need be, accessories for the outfit. I had heard great things about Anthropologie, in Nashville, and their site DID NOT disappoint. Their line is gorgeous. I so love it. It's feminine, and classic, and just oh, so delish. However, in the store, nothing suited my fancy. NOT to say I wouldn't have bought up everything in there in a hot second, if I was on a casual shopping spree or had the dowry of a Greek goddess, but it didn't speak to me they way the outfit needs to . It needs to say I am your wife. I had your baby. We haven't seen each other for 3 months. TRY not to rip this meticulously planned outfit off at the airport...while holding our child. ('cause, eew..). And, that I look super fly, and all that, but ya know...

So, we walked out empty handed.

Jake & I walked down to a few other stores, and nothing really spoke to me. However, I was not disappointed. Ya see, I am a marathon shopper. I understand that I have a day devoted to this, and have planned it as such. I come with back up plans. Seriously, when it comes to shopping? I am a machine.

After I tried Anthropologie, and its neighboring stores, I headed to the actual Green Hills mall (after a stop by Whole Foods. Not because I'd ever cheat on my beloved Trader Joe's, but because I was hoping for some sort of country star sighting. No dice). Nothing inside Macy's, which is where I parked, so it's pretty much law that you have to peruse their merchandise. Then, I remembered Ann. To you, she may be Ann Taylor. But, me and Ann? We're old pals. She's where I found that gorgeous purple top I wore when Gary came back from the second deployment.

I have a sixth sense when it comes to matters of the shopping persuasion. I can do a quick glance and see if anything is really going to scream to me. I did the quick glance. I almost walked out, but my spidey senses were tingling. In the back left corner of the store, I found it. IT!! I tried "it" on, and danced around our little fitting room in delight! If you think I'm joking, we need to get to know one another a bit better.

I'm fighting every urge in my body to describe every part of the outfit to a T, but can't! Only 261 people at the airport will see it before my husband does! And, Erin, because she's helping me figure out which shoes to wear.

I mean, hello...these are my problems.

When the cashier was ringing me up I told her it was thee airport outfit, and (here's a teeny sneak peek...) if pearls would go with it. She was too sweet. She got all into it and was telling me how perfect the whole ensemble will look, and how I can dress it up and down, and wear such & such for holiday parties. We were all into it! Oh, yes, we landed that pearls will go perfect. They're the ones hubster got me for my first Mother's Day <3 They're not the typical strand of pearls; they're very subtly beautiful. Just don't want y'all to think I'm going to the airport in a formal gown!

:::puts prom dress back into the back-end of closet:::

So, the outfit solidified, we glided out of Ann's on a quest for makeup. As luck would have it, or as fate smiled down upon me (yep, that one's more appropriate), MAC was just a few doors down. The lady who helped got all into it, also! She looked at my Ann outfit, talked about my skin tone, asked what kind of eye I was going for...She was thee woman. Sadly, I couldn't say yes to her smoky eye because we're not sure what time he's coming in. As excited as I am, I refuse to wear a smoky eye when the time does not fall in the "PM" category! She worked me from every angle, though. We walked all around that store. And, y'all know me, we had a discussion about lingerie. I swear, that can come up in any conversation with me...

She loved Jake, she showed me how fabulous my new makeup looked on me, she was all excited...TRIFECTA.

We skipped out of MAC, and had the intention of having lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (aka, God's gift to yo' bellies), but Jake was falling asleep in the Mei Tai. So, like a baby, we headed out.

The day was a win. Effing victorious! Of course, there's still my shoe issue, but it's not that I have to get shoes; it's that I can't pick between two pairs. I know, "as if Gary cares". But, really? Like I could half-ass something like this! I haven't heard my husband's voice in 5 weeks. FIVE. WEEKS. Haven't seen him in 3 months. This is our 3rd deployment. I know how to do this right! Plus, it's my party, and I'll go cross-eyed on my shoe decision if I want to! :-)

All we have left is grocery shopping and to get my 'do did. Then, bring it, leave. BRING IT!!!

Oh, peeps....on a very real note. I can barely handle how excited I am. I cannot describe the love I feel exploding from within me to see Gary hold his son; to see them interact. Gary's going to be astonished at how much Jake has grown in the past few months. I want to cry, happy tears!

And, as much as I know that blasted Blogger probably won't let y'all interact with me, via comments (go ahead and try anyhow!), I really appreciate your support, and the fact that you're excited, too. Thank you! It means so much!

You guys, he's almost here!!!!!

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