Thursday, September 9, 2010

Procreation Station

Also known as leave.

Leave is SO SOON (!!!!!!!!!!), and one statement has trickled into my mind, and harassed me: "I just want to make it 'til Jake turns one year. If we got pregnant then, it wouldn't be so bad. But, I just want to make it to that year"

Umm, past-Samantha? Did you not realize that, at one point---12 months after birth to be exact, you'd be at this "one year" you speak of, and might find these words a tad daunting?

Now that leave is right around the corner, those words are flashing in my mind like a neon liquor store sign. I'm still breastfeeding, although weaning does start in a few weeks, so birth control options are very, very limited to me. I've never had an overabundant supply, so I wasn't going to mess with what I had! It was important to the both of us that Jake was breastfed; and he has had exactly the amount he needs for almost one year.

Well, we've made it to the year mark.

Holy crap.

I find myself wondering what if it happens?? I guess the only way to address that is to realize that whatever's going to happen is going to happen (how's that for some deep thinking?). We've always been ok with that. We certainly wouldn't be upset. It would be very exciting!, but Gary and I want to be in the same country during all my pregnancies.

That's a way weird request.

During all our leaves (I feel like that should be pluralized to 'leavi' or something...), we've acquired some R&R beliefs:

We believe in...

long walks

ice cream cones

dinner & movie dates

and, oh yah, not abstaining

Soo, we'll see what happens! And, I'll make a note to not make any more Nostradamus-like remarks.

Or, I'll be pulling a Ross and giving the president of the condom company an earful.


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