Monday, October 25, 2010

Aren't they presh?!

This post is, definitely, not of any great importance. I suppose I'm taking a day off from tickling your literary fancy, and imparting all kinds of knowledge--that's how I roll, to show you how effing cute the carving of our little pumpkin family turned out!!


After!!:A goofy/redneck one for me, scary one for Gary, and a cute little ghost for J! Well, it's a stumpy ghost. Unfortunate things happen when you're carving your 3rd pumpkin at 11pm, but look how awesome I was on the arm that does exist...I got the fingers and everything!

You guys, my creative juices are FLOWING as of late. Remember the Tweety I did for J when I was still growing him? Well, I'm onto another big project for him! Got the large posterboard at Hobby Lobby yesterday, along with my pastels, so I'm going to be artin' it up around here!

I think the upcoming holidays have gone to my head!

Are you guys in the mood??

For the holidays!


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