Monday, October 11, 2010

Gretchen Wilson is wrong.

Jake is just about weaned.

And, I am not hating it.

OK, well....there's part of me that's missing it. It's such a surefire thing, ya know? I never had to think about laying him down for a nap, he'd fall asleep on me. Never had to worry about having clean bottles, or if I was feeding him enough. It's a packaged deal. But, way more important than any of that stuff, they were sweet little moments we shared together. As much as we plan on instilling a very, very strong sense of autonomy in him, there was a sliver of me that liked he could only get what he needed from me (of course, there were days where I wished I could hand him, and my boobs, over to the nearest passerby and head to the mall). I loved feeling that important to him. I loved the way he looked up at me as he nursed. I loved the first time he really saw the Christmas tree in all its lit-up glory while he nursed; that expression was priceless. I loved how when he nurses on the left side before bed, his left hand holds up either number 1, with his index finger, or the number 4.

Well, baby boy is growin' on up. It's a strange feeling to be able to wear whatever I want, knowing I won't have to get half-nakey in the backseat of the Journey to nurse him. It's also different to be able to leave whenever we want instead of on breastfeeding's timetable.


And, as much as I hope, and pray, for it, I know my boobies are going to change. Hopefully not completely back, but they'll change. Well, nearing the end of my breastfeeding days happened to coincide with my bra strap, pretty much, slipping down my back. I had tolerated the loose bra as long as I could.

I told Gary I didn't want to go buy an expensive one, since I was sure I wouldn't be in it long, but Walmart wasn't gonna do it. I tried to get a cheaper one at the mall. I swear, I really did. But, getting that Victoria's Secret bra felt like having my tatas lovingly cupped by rainbows. I had met my boulder-holder match.

In summation, don't listen to Gretchen Wilson. It's not the same. Not all bras are created equal, no matter how long you'll be in them.


jenny cruger said...

One word for you.... SPANX! Yes, they make bras now and never again will a, now deemed crappy, VS bra touch my tatas!

Maytina said...

Ok, so I read the entire post, but I'm walking away with this little gem forever etched in my brain and I looooove it. 'But, getting that Victoria's Secret bra felt like having my tatas lovingly cupped by rainbows.' So. Very. True.