Tuesday, October 26, 2010


When my littlest brother was in, I think, preschool he came home with an exercise they had done in the classroom, high/low.

When he brought the idea home, it morphed into something that would be said almost every night at the dinner table. We'd all go around and say our 'high' for the day, and our 'low' for the day. The only rule was you had to have a 'high', but you didn't have to have a 'low'.

As good as it felt to write the last post, and get out my negative feelings, I don't like having it "out there"; I don't like having a post dedicated to something ugly that happened, something that I'm way over already. Let's focus on the positive!

So, I was thinking, I want to lay out the 'highs'. No 'lows'.

"Highs" for today:

*Jake giving me a little while to wake up, after he did. I got to stretch, find myself under the mountain of crazy morning hair, and wipe the sleep from my eyes while he talked to himself, and roll around his crib.

*Waking up to a clean bathroom!! I cleaned it last night, finally. I was running out of excuses why I couldn't, but it's done, and it's b-e-a-utiful!

*Watching Jake eat waffles, for the first time!, so excitedly! He loved 'em, and it was so precious to watch!!

*Having a full 'fridge! The past couple days we ran in and out, between bouts of pouring rain, to get some grub, and things like laundry detergent. So grateful we have everything we need so we didn't have to run out during the tornado watch/warning!

*My boobies seem to be letting up on the tenderness. When I took away that last feeding, my boobies had a bit of a revolt, but aren't getting any more tender....WIN!

*The knowledge that the blog will soon be lookin' like it got a whole new wardrobe! In a couple weeks, it's going to look even better! Thank you so much, Becca!!

OK, lovahs, that feels more like it! I know we have to let out our gripes, but I had to counter it with some positive!! If comments will allow, what's your high/low?


Minivan Mama said...

First time at your blog! We do high/low at our house too! Um, let's see..huge low today was finding out my baby has asthma (pretty low) Huge high today was finding out my daughter doesn't need glasses after all (pretty high) I'm riding the roller coaster here! Looking forward to following your blog!

Mama Hen said...

I love a clean bathroom! It is always great to wake up to a clean room. I am happy you are focused on your highs. Thank you for your kind words! Have a great night!

Mama Hen