Thursday, November 4, 2010

I believe...'s more important to be an appropriate role model than establish appropriate rules. They don't do what we say, they do what we do.

...that if you don't support the troops feel free to stand in front of them; you don't have to support the war to support them. Two completely different issues. a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold morning.

...there has never been a cuter crab.

...there really is a burden of knowledge; I try to stay away from the internet when figuring out something about Jake. Not to say knowledge isn't power, it so is, but it's also extremely valuable to pay attention to what your kid, or their body, is trying to tell you. No matter what some expert may say, you are still thee only expert when it comes to your little nugget. brisk Fall mornings. I love having to bundle up, but still being able to enjoy outside because it's so gorgeous.

...I will never get tired of Disneyland.'s impossible to fold laundry as soon as it's done in the dryer, kind of like kissing your elbow.

...that because of Missy, May, Annaleigh, and Whitney I got through, probably, the worst 48 hours of this deployment. Thank you SO MUCH, ladies. Love you!!

...that getting out of a nice, toasty bed on a cold morning can be borderline torturous.

...romance need not be a big production. This is enough for me

...I will forever give the side-eye to those who pluralize "I". "I's" is not a word.... [Erin :-)]

...every single experience we've had shapes us, molds us. Those experiences have made us who we are today.

...that if I never heard/saw the phrase 'just sayin'' again, I'd more than survive. is the most beautiful thing in this world to be married to a man you admire, that you cherish. This man gives me unbelievable love and support from 8,000 miles away. The love we have closes that geographical gap. I believe I am so blessed to be in awe, and humbled, by everything between us.


Maytina said...

<3 I am happy to have been there and will continue to be here!! <3

I CANNOT stand the plural of I. Who does that?!? LOL

Stephanie said...

I will never get tired of disney either :)

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

I love that you are making this a regular entry!! Just sayin'...(ahahaaaaa!)

Minivan Mama said...

I believe I love fall mornings too!

Erin said...

Love this post :)

Tatted Mom said...

Just stoppin by to say thanks for your wonderful words on my blog about it being rough right now. And, just wanted to let you know I'm a military wife, too. So, if you ever need anything or just wanna talk, I've been where you are before (deployed over the holidays- last year in fact), and we definitely have something in common! ;)