Friday, October 29, 2010

I cannot tell a lie, II

So, remember this?

I thought I'd elaborate. Mostly because if Jake doesn't get the h-e double hockey sticks off my back with this teething thing, there's a strong possibility sanity will be lost, never to return.

So, thought I'd let y'all get to know me a wee bit better, and save my mind....two birds, one stone.

Let's get to it:

1) The first time I felt like I was really a mom was when I put Desitin on Jake when he was about a month or two old, and had a teeny, tiny touch of diaper rash.

2) I have an annoying amount of will power. When I was pregnant, I almost never gave into cravings, which holds true when I am not pregnant.

3) I can bake all day without licking one beater, or one morsel off my fingers.

4) I believe everyone has their point; that specific moment where their shit will hit the fan because they've been pushed to their limit. I am so close to that point---but will continue to act like I'm not. Jedi-mind trickin' the self, ya know?

5) When I only wore glasses, years ago, I took a ball to the face in a soccer tournament so hard that my glasses cut into my face, right below my right eyelid. Of course, I finished the play, then went back to look for the spec's.

6) When I was little, and would play "office" with my brothers, I would be the secretary and my name would always be Nicole Kidman.

7) My favorite show on the planet is Friends, followed (closely) by One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, Friday Night Lights, Weeds and Family Guy.

8) I lost my virginity when I was....Ha! Yah right... :-)

9) I don't like to take anything; this includes medicines for sickness, Tylenol for headaches...I want my body to rectify things naturally, on its own. But, I'll take it if I have to.

10) I love to play chess.

11) I am beyond trustworthy. If we're friends, and you need something--a shoulder to cry on, a dinner, etc.-- I'll be there.

12) Before prom, Senior year, a bunch of my friends were tanning, in tanning beds, to get a good glow for their dresses, and our group picture. Well, I went 2 days in a row, 15 minutes each. I had never tanned before. I looked exactly like Mr. Krabs. Thankfully, my fair skin is a force to be reckoned with, and it recovered days later, in time for prom!

13) I never shoveled snow, or mowed a lawn before I lived in KY.

14) I love belly dancing. Like, the real kind.

15) I've worked at God's gift to ...anyone: Target.

16) In college, I took public speaking online. I know...

17) I believe in aging gracefully. I wear sunblock before I go outside, and, aside from a few stints in high school, and do not go to tanning beds.

18) Gary and I swam with dolphins in Jamaica. That was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

19) In middle school, I did the video announcements for the entire school in the morning, and worked on the "crew" that put the video announcements together in high school.

20) I was almost 12 when my youngest brother was born.

21) I make regular clothing donations to charity.

22) Before we had Jake, Gary and I would go to a local sports bar to watch UFC fights on Saturday nights. We'd come home reeking of smoke and alcohol, but it was always a fun night!

23) The first drink I ever had was rum & Dr. Pepper while celebrating New Year's Eve with my friend's family, at 13 or 14. I was in the deepest of caca when my mom found out.

24) I was a trainer (this is what those who were interested in sports medicine, and enrolled in the class, were called) my Junior/Senior years. This meant, we'd travel with teams, I was always football, wrestling, then baseball, treating injuries, taping ankles pre-game, running water onto the football field during games, etc. And, I was the president of the Sports Therapy club :-)

25) At the hardware store where I mentioned I worked, the register I was working was robbed. I was so, so scared!

And, since I don't want to end the list on not-happy note, I'll do a couple more

26) I have a pair of Uggs that I UH-DOOR

27) Weather permitting, I go on a 3 mile walk/run around post in the morning, 5 days a week.

28) As nerdy as it makes me feel, I write out Jake's breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next day. Normally, we just, kind of, wing everything, but it helps me! Plus, I like not having to think about little stuff like that during the day.

29) Compliments & nice words have an unbelievable affect on me. They stick with me for so long; I am so grateful people would take the time to stay something sweet to me :-)

30) I L-O-V-E Chinese food.

A few of you had mentioned, after the first list I did, that it inspired you to do one....DO IT! I'd love to get to know things about y'all!


Minivan Mama said...

Cute! I was a athletic trainer in high school too. Once i had to deal with blood, it was so over!

Mama Hen said...

There are so many on your list that I am like. I am very lyal and if I am your friend, I will be your friend always. I wish I had your will power for not giving into cravings. I also do not take anything unless I really have to ordered by the doctor. I also think the body will heal itself and that it is healthier. I love Chinese food! have a great night!

Mama Hen

Maytina said...

Looooove it. I did my 50 thins after you did yours!! <3 You are so so so sweet it makes me sad we are not neighbors.

Mama Hen said...

Have a happy Halloween! I love the picture in the post below. Very cute!

Mama Hen