Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jake's first pumpkin patch

Last year, at Halloween, I had a 4 week old, and a hubby gone at training. I was trying to figure out breastfeeding and our new little tater tot. Needless to say, I wasn't really in a position to spend time frolicking in fields of pumpkins.

Yesterday, we hit our first pumpkin patch, though! We were headed to Trader Joe's, and I saw a sign for one. Must have been fate.

I have got to take a momentary sidebar to detail my love for Trader Joe's. The people there are so friendly! They ask what I'm doing with different veggies, they talk with Jake, yesterday I was even told how awesome I am for making his baby food. I wanted to joke and say "Well, clearly", but I just took the compliment instead :-)

All the stuff I get there is for Jake. I want him to eat organically whenever possible, but it does get expensive. So, *I* get whatever comes with a coupon, and Jake gets....Well, here's what we picked up:

*organic yogurt

*organic grape juice

*organic butter

*artichoke parmesan dip

*organic chicken

*organic sirloin roast

*organic blueberry preserves

*sushi for me! :::nom nom nom:::
*organic 'nanas
*apple cider
*organic crackers*avocados

I think that's all of it, but that little one eats well! But, it feel so good to do that for him. So grateful we're able to. Thanks hubster!! <3

Anywho, the pumpkin patch...
We pulled up and Jake was immediately in love. It was in the later afternoon, so the sun was shining through the trees, and all that good stuff, so the ambiance really tickled Jake's fancy.

I've really loved getting into the holidays. We do love Halloween, but it's all about the decorating, knowing that Jake is really starting to appreciate what d├ęcor is up around the house and that if Gary were here I'd be doing the same thing. It's the smallest things in the search for normalcy. Feels like I'm doing them both a service, which is all I want!
Happy (early) Halloween!!

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FallDown Girl said...

Hi there! I found you through Kris (Pretty All True) but I had to stop and say how adorable your pictures are! Hooray pumpkins!