Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Two Weeks

Thinking back on the two weeks we just shared, as a little threesome, I can't help but to smile. It's been a rough day of trying to readjust to not having my awesome hubby with me, but am managing. And, we certainly made some memories to help with that.

Gary left when Jake was 8.5 months old. It was a complete and total blessing that not only did my husband get to be here for the entire pregnancy (& only missed one prenatal appointment!), but almost the full first year of Jake's life. As much as it sucks for him to be gone right now, having so much time together in this line of work is nothing short of a blessing.

The day before Gary got in, he had emailed me the information from his flight itinerary. He was due in at 3:30 pm. I almost wet myself how grateful I was that it was a decent hour, that it would follow Jake's normal nap time (so I could get ready while he slept), and I had plenty of notice. Well, he called the next morning saying he could get an earlier flight, at 12:30. OK, no prob. Especially when he told me he could have gotten an earlier flight, coming in at 9:30am, which was an hour from then! That would not have been preferred...especially since I'm sure y'all remember I needed to spend some time with a razor. Thankfully, my biggest issue while getting ready that morning was whether or not to curl my hair.

So, boobies look good? Check (if I can get the lovely lady humps to keep some size, post-breastfeeding, I'll be a very VERY happy mama)
Shoe situation resolved? Check

Adorable little tot ready to pick up his daddy? Check

Our reunion was just amazing. There's nothing I love more than seeing my soldier walk toward me.

These two, my men, fell right into each other. It was like two pieces of a puzzle.


But, what's even more amazing are all the things we can catalog together. Gary was here for all Jake's first holidays (minus Halloween, which we are still not happy about), to include Christmas!, so he had to be here for his first birthday. Otherwise, we would have never ever EVER taken leave so early, but had to be done. And, I wouldn't have had it any other way
Family birthday pic! (Jake just can't keep his eyes off his daddy)

We got to discover that Jake has a third tooth, with 2 more just under the surface! I knew the kid was teething, judging by the insane amount of drool constantly dripping from him, but didn't know teeth are actually doin' work!

Gary got to see him eat whole foods, such as grilled cheese sammiches and ravioli, watch as he used various furniture to walk himself around the living room, and, one of my favorites....was there for his first haircut!

The combover was getting super long. We wouldn't have cut his hair so early if it wouldn't have needed to be done before Gary got back!
My friend/hairdresser, Cristal, cut his hair. You didn't even know there were scissors near him. Either it's a testament to how much he loves her (he so does), or his badassness is confirmed

Aside from seeing Jake develop even more, it was great to just be. To go out and shop, and eat, and sightsee. We definitely developed a love affair with Nashville; between Red Robin, Buffalo Wild Wings, and the Parthenon....what else could we need?
Word to the wise, if you live in the area and have not been to The Parthenon it is amazing. Really. Jake enjoyed the crap out of it. Of course, he'll find a way to enjoy just about anything, but still. Go.

It was so, so fun to be all together. We laughed CONSTANTLY. We loved life. It was a happy time in this house.

What made me love this man even more is that I think I changed about 3 diapers in 2 weeks. He gave all the baths. He picked him up after naps. Not that it's unheard of, in the slightest, for him to do those things, but it made my heart swell to see my big man, and my little man, so engaged with one another. Knowing, and feeling, how much Gary loves us, and how much he wanted to be here, is going to keep me warm tonight. Ashley, you were right. Seeing your husband with your baby will make you fall in love with him that much more. I so did.

Then, at night, when Jake was in bed, we got to watch movies, and develop a serious love for How I Met Your Mother...SUIT UP!..., but it was just great to look at him. I mean, I'd done it all day, but just seeing him sitting there, rubbing my calves, talking with me, telling me how proud he was of me about all the 5k's I have coming up, talking about going out on the morning workout, planning what events the next day would was all bliss. This man, he completely, 110% does it for me. I'd eat him with a spoon.

I wish I could recount every detail, but some things are better when they're kept for just us. I snuggle those memories close to me, treasure them, and that's how I'll get through these next 9 months.


Maytina said...

Oh Samantha!! What a great post! I'm all teary - as usual with your blog. Geez. I need to wear waterproof mascara before clicking over here in the future. It is so wonderful to read the pure bliss you've had for the last two weeks and that pic of you in the dress? HAWT (and so very happy!!!)

<3 <3 <3

Erin said...

I am so glad that you had the most amazing two weeks evah! Definitely ended too soon!