Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pet Peeves

So, I just got off the phone with, probably, one of the housing employees the biggest douche alive. And, it left me with a need to write.

I don't think I would call this being sensitive, if I got anything from my brothers it's tough-skin, but it's one of my biggest pet peeves. I honestly hate it. And, I don't really put the effort into thinking about pet peeves, and I, certainly, don't like saying I hate something; makes me feel icky. Either way, I mega-loathe condescension.

Ooh, how I hate it.

I won't get into the ins and outs of our conversation, it'll take too long. But, I cannot stand to be talked down to. (And, it's not just like being talked down to, it's like being told how to feed yourself, or do the laundry, because you're just too dumb to get it.) And, not just because it's a douchey thing to do, but because the few people I've come across who do this type of thing do it based on assumptions.

To them, I'm an Army wife, who sits at home--because of laziness, gets pregnant every time hubby is Stateside, thus leading to my being barefoot, and in the kitchen. Drives. Me. Crazy.

Without sounding like a major twatwaffle, I want to scream at them 'I'm a college-educated woman, you a-hole!! We decided to have a baby and we decided I would stay home!!'

Even if none of those things were true, most Army wives have endured a deployment at one time, many are mamas. They deserve respect for maintaining...life without help, not to mention for not becoming certifiable.

When I got my hair done last week, one of my favorite people, Cristal, and I were talking about how people view "us" and our situation. She brought up the good point that people who treat you that way are usually because they come from one of two schools of thought: A) They assume you've been through deployment before. Get over it, and get used to it. B) You chose this life. There was no draft. You can't "complain" because you weren't forced into this life.

I, sincerely, hope those bullets are wrong. I hope it's just because those few people that light your fire are just a bunch of losers who think they're better than everyone. But, I'll address them, just for s&g's.

A) Deployment NEVER gets easier, it gets different. This deployment certainly isn't easier, but Jake keeps me going so often that I don't have time to sit there and be sad. However, this parenting thing rests upon my shoulders right now, and I don't get a break. I don't get many seconds to cry ALONE while missing my hubby. Of course, it's not terrible. Of course, we'll manage. But, to those who think this is easy: SUCK.IT.

B) Because people like my husband, like us, and thousands of other families, there isn't a draft, you kabob. My husband is honorably serving his country, and you're going to take from that by saying 'well, he doesn't have to'?? Well, you don't have to be an a-hole, either, but you're stellar at it.
Also? Don't ever complain about your job. You chose it. No one forced you into it.

Ohh, man, after that phone call, I was hot. Like, hot. I felt like the Incredible Hulk. Or, like I should get a drink ( I can now!!! haha). Doesn't maintaining some sort of class suck sometimes?! Don't you just want to scream obscenities? Unfortch, I couldn't. They did pass through the ol' cabeza like the stocks at the bottom of the CNN screen, but I couldn't. I ended up talking to someone else, who was da bomb. He understood exactly where I was coming from, rectified the situation and apologized that someone would say the things the douche said to me. I so appreciated that.

What are you pet peeves? How do you handle them? I know I'd L-O-V-E to go on a run right now, but there's a tornado warning not far from here, so maybe not...

So, I write, instead. It makes me feel soo much better! But, guys, I just hate it.

I should have saved this for this type of post.

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OK, peeps, have a great Tuesday! Don't let "them" get you down!

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