Sunday, October 31, 2010

We're a couple of Halloweenies!!

First things first, let's clarify something. For Halloween, you're supposed to be something you're not, right?

Well, we picked out Jake's costume because it's the complete opposite of him. Or so we thought. The past few days he has proved to be his costume, personified.

Sure, you're thinking 'Aaahhh, how adorable!!'. And, in case you're wondering, that *IS* the appropriate response. But, the kid...let's just say he's lucky he's so cute!

:::pats uterus on a job well done:::

I only partially dressed up.

I also wore cute, sparkly little antennae, but this is as good a picture as Jake would allow me to get.

But, he did really like the antennae! He'd get a big kick out of me headbanging :-) Or, maybe that was just because my hair looks like it'll engulf him? Either way, it was nice to make him laugh!

And, he had his breakfast and lunch on cute Halloween plates

The aftermath of a pancake breakfast. The boy knows how to clean his plate!

We didn't trick-or-treat because he's not walking [without the help of furniture, anyway], but we did have to pick up dog food! :-)

Can't wait to show y'all the pics from his mini Halloween photo shoot!!

As for now, I'm about to scare the pants of myself by watching Paranormal Activity....

...and, then, sleep with the lights on.

But that's neither here nor there.

Happy Halloween!


Erin said...

OMG ::dies of cuteness overload::

Wendy said...

How cute is he??? I luv it!